05 August 2005

Panic Attack

Did you ever keep on going

When there was no reason why?

Doing nothing, meaning nothing

As your life meandered by.

Did you ever keep on thinking

There’d be time for all your dreams,

That it wasn’t quite polite to stop

And voice the inner screams?

So you keep on being patient

And you keep on being kind

And you keep on being mother,

As you slowly lose your mind.


bart said...

thanks for putting into words the emptiness and the pointlessness we can feel occasionally.

also, thank you for dropping a comment a subject that means much to me...

keep well

Astrid said...

You are slowly losing your mind? Buy tape and make sure it'll remain with you for the rest of your life!!!

Astrid said...

Remember, life is what you make of it and it is never too late to live your dreams!!!

broke said...

this is really powerful - thanks for posting it-
Take care