31 August 2005

Free Association 134

From LunaNina. Steve's own list at Wittering Heights is what reminded me to do this, and his is GOOD. I read it all yesterday, so if it has coloured my own choices, sorry. It also means that I may have spent nearly 24 hours subconsciously considering my answers, which kind of spoils the whole reason for this.

LunaNina says: I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Girlfriends:: Iew! Makes me think of those insipid, nervous types that need to wear identical T-shirts and pick/drop boyfriends according to the other one's opinion. Aliens.
  2. Here to stay:: No idea. Death and taxes? Global weather changes, hurricanes etc, sadly, and its all down to consumerism. We have changed the chemical balance. Scary bad.
  3. Call me:: Come on, call me! - Blondie. Brilliant track.
  4. Frustrated:: My 21 year old son - he's frustrated. Its a good sign, he is looking back at time wasted and I think it means he's growing up.
  5. Public school: Good teachers, well paid, top facilities and balanced kids. Opportunity. Jealous.
  6. Glitch:: Hiccup, ruck in the carpet, all terms for a fun, messy and unexpected little challenge that needs sorting before we continue towards goal X (whatever that is)
  7. Cheese:: Grommitt? A nice bit of Wensleydale?
  8. Director:: Movies.
  9. Pivotal:: The crux, the balancing point, a pivotal statement or fact is the one which supports all the others. Find that and rotate it and you are really in the driving seat. Never mind the rest.
  10. Exclusive:: Snobby. A way to make vacuous or insecure people pretend they are better than others, not just lost in a sea of faces, whilst doing nothing for their self esteem and taking their money. A con that always affects those that get in at least as much as those that don't.

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Steve said...

"Cheese:: Grommitt? A nice bit of Wensleydale?"
I love the way your mind works I read that answer and just had a little titter to myself. Thanks for the plug btw xx