03 August 2005

Sudoku and sore eyes

My Eight Year old daughter is miffed.

She loves Sudoku. She is the pain in the neck, craning over your shoulder, telling you where the next three numbers go as you sweat over the difficult square in the paper.

She now owns three adult books of them; she threw the first one away when she did the hardest one on the last page and got it right.

The reason she is miffed is because a ten year old girl has made it on to local TV for being able to play the harder Sudoku puzzles.

We have a severe case of 'shoulda-been-me-itis' and I KNOW she is going to be demanding more credit for her intelligence, now.

Oh Joy.

On a lighter note I am not going blind. This is rather nice to know, as my eyes have been playing silly blighters recently, foggy tunnels and all that, like they are behind separate panes of dirty glass, trying to look out. The ducts are blocked and I am under instruction from the optician to lie down with a hot compress over them, every day.

Torture. Can you imagine, with two bored kids and a husband who already thinks I do nothing, now I have to find time to lie down and relax - what is the world coming to?


doris said...

I've not gotten into Sodoku - probably a good thing.... yet another diversion! Well done to your daughter but you mean you didn't phone the local TV station to whore her for her ability? Shame on you ;-)

As for the eyes - bum timing! But at least the little kiddy winkies are around to bring you cups of tea and make you comfortable!!!

Sorry and hope it is relieved soon.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Doris

The hot compresses are doing something, because after I've used one I cant see a blind bloody thing for five minutes!
Its good because its more proof that its a medical thing / treatable thing and not something scary.

Cuppas - yes Imogen loves making those - she feels very grown up. Lewis loves knowing how to make them, but with the knowledge under his belt, he would do anything to get someone else to do the work. And comfortable? Muahahahaha!

I hope people will forgive me if I leave smileys as comments, for a while, when I like a blog post, because its all a bit of a long process when things are foggy.

doris said...

Go for the easy option of smileys - though I bet it is a lot of work to read through all that fug.

Nice to know you have at least one co-operative child.... you must be a great mother to get that! :-)

Take care and take it easy. Maybe you really should just lay down as the doctor ordered and have some music or TV on in the background. REST THOSE EYES!

Hannah said...

Eeshk.. Hope the eyes recover soon.

Make the most of the kids being willing to run around after you; it may not last!