06 August 2005

Men and Doctors

They hate them, don't they?

All that bravado and falsely inflated gruffness and machismo is just a way of trying to cover, when in truth the idea of being sensible, of getting things sorted, makes them feel like timid little boys.

Speaking of being falsely inflated I bet that's just how this guy felt, when he finally gave up on DIY cure attempts and went to hospital.

I don't know whether to laugh or wince.


Ally said...

Do you think the full story was some sort of kinky revenge-of-a-jilted-girlfriend thing? I do hope so ... :).

anniebee said...

Tee hee! Nice one!

b said...


luckily our doc is great, but i have had experience as a bloke when going to doctors of a quite 'what are you doing in
here bothering me' attitude when checking
stuff out pre-emptively. You kinda can't

Oh... and 'ouch' :-)


jane said...

hahaha that is outrageous!! on a radio show the d.j.'s were talking about a incident the fire department was called to. some guy was in a swimming pool & for some reason got his penis stuck in those vacuum holes in the side of the pool.
i really do believe they would lick their balls if they could.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are HOT.

Cheryl said...

Ally: I wondered that!

Annie: hehe thanks

b: Ours is the other way round - men get instant blood tests but women invent ailments to get away from the kitchen sink, in his little world

jane: erm, yup, I think many would try!

Anonymous: Well, eye of the beholder and all that, but thank you very much , that made my morning :-)

Milt Bogs said...

I think a padlock could become a much sort after fashion accessory. I always feel much safer when protected by a good padlock.