23 August 2005

Rubbing Shoulders With The Big Knobs.

I've been rubbing shoulders with the big knobs!

Milt, LBB, Bulb, Steve; stop it, right now. I am way too decorous (and tall) to mean that, even if it involved equipment such as a chair, or hoists. No, not even with feathers. No, nor beer. Oh okay, maybe with beer.

Mine's a Speckled Hen or anything by Dark Star or, erm, a Bishop's Finger. Shut up.

Anyway, what I mean is this:

A few posts back I started a Meme ' What Dog Are You?'. It was surprisingly popular, given that it involved playing the game and then copying the answers out by hand, because the brilliant site it came from wasn't geared up for the game to spread.

Still, I'd had my hands on the beeswax that day (Bulb! No!) and had polished up my brass neck a treat, so emailed the web-geniuses behind the originating site. Today I got an answer!

Dear Cheryl

Thank you for you kind comments about our website www.gone2thedogs.com - you'll be pleased to know that we are about to launch a new feature on the game, which allows you to post your results on your blogg/website. It is simply a piece of code that creates a little player that plays the movie associated with your dog.

We'll let you know when it's online.

The film has been completed and will be out in October 2005.

Woo-hoo! A reason to look forward to October!

I will also watch for the next email and then start the game over.

Actually I think I owe Milt for originally pointing out the site - the man is a walking encyclopaedia on good websites and this one is a lovely one. I love low key movies - proper British art without too much interference from media types, so the script will likely be pure, and as dry and witty, and as heart-rending as the writer/director Philip Barnard intended.

In fact, this could quietly become a classic or a blockbuster, without ever going down the £multi-million billboard hype route. Its not another Star Wars, but it could be another Four Weddings And A Funeral, and, well, you get my drift.

There is something endearing about lazy old gits, something heartwarming about their strong, patient wives, and something magical and wonderful and 'right' about the guy spending time as a mutt; a divine gift of a last chance to shed his stupidity and wake up, before being turned away at the pearly gates.

Alf Garnet meets All Dogs Go To Heaven?

I really don't know; but I can't wait to find out.

By the way - check out the front page of the site - scroll your mouse over different faces or objects - its fun.


Chris Cope said...

I like their spelling it "blogg." It gives it sort of Olde English Shoppe quality to it. Read ye my Olde Blogg.

doris said...

Hooray! Another achievement from the woman who can 'do'. You know I am going to have to see that film just on your recommendation :-) It does sound good though and the usual excellent British approach.

bulb said...