16 August 2005

Dreaming when you're eight

Imogen had a vivid dream last night.

She started writing it up, but her brother and TV and general house noise got in the way, so I have offered, based on the little I've read, to type it up for her.

The first sentence alone speaks volumes about how her mind works and I am happy.

ONCE upon a time a little good girl and her brother and her mum and dad moved in to a new house but they did not know that they had to sing and say truthful things for everything to light up. Because soon it was Christmas day the little boy was very bad. The little girl was very happy, until she realised she had to sing and say truthful things for the lights to light up.

She sang a truthful song, and at night she danced with nice monsters that came out of the lights. To humans they looked like humans but to her they looked like monsters as well. There were really small ones and middle size ones and really huge ones that grew when they got outside in the moonlight. Next the mum and dad and brother woke up and suddenly everybody was in the front room. They thought the big monster person had loads of daughters and one son. The middle sized ones looked like mermaids that don't need water. The little monsters were not the big one's children, but mummy and daddy thought they were.

Then when the big monster went outside and grew even bigger, he had one of the little ones with him in his arms. He dropped the little one and the little grew wings and flew back up to the window.

The monsters when back into the lights and the family all had some sleep because they knew it was Christmas amd you have to go to sleep on Christmas Eve to make sure you can have a proper Christmas and not be late up.

Christmas day the happy monsters came out again. After the boy saw them, he was a good boy now because he saw what they could do to him unless he bes a good boy.

They all danced with the curtains closed because the happy monsters are not allowed to hit the sun. It was time for ther family to leave the new house and they took the lights with them so they could have the monsters come with them. Then I woke up.

The happy monsters were like angels but they didnt look like angels, they were more sort of animal. The big one looked like a furry man and had a hole in his stomach. The middle ones looked like mermaid animals with mermaid hair and a head like a bear and the little ones were like happy bat-teddy bears with two pairs of wings.


doris said...

Mind boggling! How wonderful that she was able to recall some of it and that you wrote it down for her. Definitely the sort of thing to look back over in a few years time.

I don't suppose one should even try to work out the psychology of all that but it sounds quite powerful. Great that the monsters were 'happy' ones and it wasn't a dream about fear.

Thanks for sharing - and I'm so glad I popped it. It's manic again here wih more kids to stay, but it was a moment of tranquility to read Imogen's night time adventures. BTW - I have extremely vivid dreams with a lot of action and detail so I can identify with this.

fineartist said...

What a beautifully creative fantasy mind she has.

doris said...

That should have read "I'm so glad I popped in" and not "I'm so glad I popped it" though with things going on I sometimes wonder if I have popped my clogs and this is all a dream or if I should be popping something! :-)