31 August 2005

Help, Somebody Kick Me

No, not now!

I have an annoying habit. Actually I have several annoying habits, such as starting sentences with 'actually' and using too many inverted commas.

The one I choose to focus on today is a propensity to constantly call things brilliant. I do choose my words, or at least my meanings so when I call something brilliant it is, in my opinion perfect/spot on/wonderful/insightful/genius, and/or any number of conditions, any and all of which may be encapsulated in the one word. Now, sadly, as with all the /// it has become a habit to the point that it is aggravating even me, and they do say that the instigator is the last to feel the cringe.

Am I turning into a Mancunian teenage boy? heaven forbid.


Enthusiastic Manchester teenager who thinks everything is 'Brilliant!'. He marches around many diverse locations bigging things up with boundless energy.

Amongst the things Brilliant thinks are brilliant are: Brilliant!
shelves, gravity, the Mafia, holes, yesterday, Ronnie Corbett, sequels, holidays, echoes, several different types of natural disaster, paint, kids, pavements, the sky, mams, microwaves, old people, sex, the Romans, shepherds, Jesus and golf.


Mind you, be honest, he is, um............. pretty amazing.


AnthonyLemons said...

Hello, you have a great blog...keep it up.

anniebee said...

I'm still struggling with the multiple exclamation marks. I find myself calling things 'cool' a lot too, because I've picked it up from the boys. That and 'whatever'.

Steve said...

Aren't blogs brillliannnnnnnnnnnnttt
well this one is anyway :)

ME Strauss said...

What's really sad is about the time you and yours give up saying "brilliant," me and mine will discover it.

Hope that doesn't mean that you and yours will start saying WAY COOL!


fineartist said...

Oh Cheryl I love it when you use the word brilliant. It is a beautiful word that elicits great feeling and conveys that something is appreciated and approved of. Now if you were running around saying, “That really kicked ass.” ad nauseum, that would be another thing entirely. Heehe.

Kick axe post by the way.

Barnze said...

Stuff is brill though ain't it!