15 August 2005

Free Association 132

List courtesy of LunaNina, as per.

  1. Idiot:: Men*
  2. Rocket:: Science
  3. Liability:: Stupid person on the team
  4. Harmless:: inert
  5. Stringy:: cheese
  6. Gwyneth:: Paltrow
  7. Use it or lose it:: Get a life
  8. Theater:: Puppet
  9. Sonic:: Boom
  10. Pucker:: Suck a lemon
*Be honest, its an insult normally reserved for males. Us females get gender references thrown at us - stupid woman, etc.


Arc said...

Don't know why but I rather like the liability one. :)

fineartist said...

Idiot:: s
Rocket:: ship
Liability:: insurance
Harmless:: insect
Stringy:: bean
Gwyneth:: Paltrow, is there any other?
Use it or lose it:: What is it?
Theater:: musical
Sonic:: the hedge hog
Pucker:: sour apple
I love this kind of stuff!!! Thanks Cheryl