25 August 2005

Gentlemen, Heroes and Uncommon Courtesy

They still exist! No, honestly.

So far today my site has, according to StatCounter, had 124 pageloads and 99 unique visitors. I belong to blogexplosion and imagine most were just surfing through, but there amongst those accidental visitors, were Cube with a joke (always helpful), Bryan and Yellojkt with genuine technical help and Gary Sieling enquiring whether I had managed, and giving feedback.

Thanks guys - pleased to meet you.


ME Strauss said...

What a nice person you are to acknowledge those guys with links. I think that's really cool.

You have a nice writing voice. It works for you.


Ayannali said...

I like Statcounter - it's a great tool :)

I've been near Seaford before...I think. When I was trying to visit my friend in Newhaven, I didn't get on the right half of the train.

I think it was going to Seaford, and the other was going to Eastbourne.

Hope everything is getting better with your IE problem.

Cheryl said...

LOL Ayannali - you found suburbia-by-sea? We are the end of the line, two stops up from Newhaven.

As they say, perfectly placed between the two - Newhaven for the continent, and Eastbourne for the incontinent....


anniebee said...

I've met some unsung heroes online too. I have to admit to sticking my head in the sand and not checking IE as I use FireFox myself, or occasionally AOL's browser. I'm glad you've got help. And thank you for the email you sent. I've saved Audrey Hepburn's words. Very thought-provoking.

Ah^Wei said...

hi there... was passing by... it was very sweet of you to acknowledge their existance and tell people about it.. Best of luck in everything you do!

gary said...

I'm impressed that you linked back to me :) Thanks! Of course, now I can't remember what I said :-P

I found your page looking for my name on blogsearch.google.com