05 August 2005

Holy Pancakes, Batman

OK Batman has nothing to do with it, not unless Chris Cope over at Dancing The Polka With Miss El Cajon has a job on the side that he's not mentioning.

He certainly likes dressing up.

All that aside, today Chris posted a link to a news article (can you believe it made the news?) about a family whose pancake resembled an angel and is being taken as a sign from God. Maybe next time my carton of apple juice is yellow I should take it as a sign from the toilet fairy, but I digress yet again.

No I am not going to post a link to this marvel of Divine communication - Chris has the link right here.

I am a long time fan of a sarcastic, witty, practical and no-holds-barred Christian-with-a-brain site called The Ship Of Fools.

The front page alone is a delight to those of you who like to extract the, umm, apple juice. Oh dear that analogy will have to go, not least because, until I get it out of my head, I won't be able to (go.)

Anyhow - they are short of pictures of Holy Mary on a potato chip etc at the moment but well worth a look for:

Gadgets For God (Check out the talking Jesus action figure with sample audio - but they are all funny and the write-ups are classic)

Fruitcake Zone - yup, the title says it all

Signs And Blunders - two lists, of printed and verbal slip-ups

Finally there are the proclamations of Reverend Gerald Ambulance.

Heres a plug for his new book, lifted straight from the site

You too can be an international soulsaving superchristian!

At last, a handbook for anointed ministers and spiritual celebrities. Learn from my years of humble service and miraculous triumph, and follow me in mighty paths of blessing.

Find out how to:

  • Write worship songs as inspired as "O God you're really Lord"
  • Keep a hold of your flock with incense addiction
  • Preach hilarious sermons on the boring bits of the Bible
  • Do hit and run baptisms
  • Combine exotic beach missions with naturist outreach
  • Deal with over-enthusiastic and under-clever laity
  • Bluff your way in tongues

1 comment:

Astrid said...

Yeah, isn't it funny, a sign on a pancake? I do have to study my food more closely, but usually it looks too good to just look at and it is already gone before I know it. Oh, well, I like my life to be unpredictable, shocking, and surprising anyhow!