15 August 2005

Meme - What Dog Are you?

Today's post is courtesy of a memory generated by a comment made by Milt, on a post at Arc's page.

Phew. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

When my dad was in and out of a coma in a Central London Hospital, waking to dream talk, and mum was battling to and fro on her own, desperately lonely and rushed off her feet, a dog turned up. Well something more like an unwashed flying doormat turned up waiting patiently under her car. As soon as she opened the drivers door, one day, it sprang out, jumped in, and promptly adored her.

He is still attached to her heels some seven years later. Reggie, she named him, short for rejoice, which was a word she had obviously been contemplating. I don't suppose its very easy, in dark days, to toddle off to church week in and week out to sing half a dozen choruses all with the word rejoice in them. Reggie was her first reason to smile.

This is rather mirrored by an adorable looking film out now on limited release, but due to hit the net as a DVD very soon, Gone To The Dogs.

Starring Dora Bryan and Tony Booth (Cherie Blair's dad by the way, I never knew that!), its about a man who retires to the seaside, dies of a heart attack and is reincarnated as a stray dog, that his widowed wife adopts. The blurb says he then "finally learns what a good marriage is all about."

Okay, my mum only retired to Lowestoft, near where she spent her time as a land girl, after dad had passed, so the similarity ends (but Reggie went too.)

I so want to see the movie!

There is also a brilliant game on the site (the thing that Milt linked to in his comment) - What Dog Are you?

Sadly its not blogger oriented (yet) and you can't copy and paste your answer, so I am turning this into a Meme.

  1. Go to www.Gone2TheDogs.com and select game.
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Answer the questions
  4. Find out what dog you are and
  5. Post the answer on your blog!
  6. Collar someone else
I am, it says, an English Cocker Spaniel

UK. Number one dog in popularity in britain during the 1930s through the 1950s. Origianlly from Spain, the name Spaniel derives from the word Espagnol. Cockers got their name for their expertise in flushing woodcock and other small game while hunting.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a hardy, energetic and affectionate dog. Excellent with kids; gentle and playful, but does not tolerate teasing well. It is sociable with strangers, a moderate barker, and obeys respectfully the orders it is given. Generally an outgoing breed but some individuals can be reserved. Cockers should be trained very gently but firnly as they are sensitive but also rather independent.

I collar: Bart, Steve, Doris and Annie (sorry Annie, the link to Retrotype isnt working, so I hope you get this), and anyone else who wants to play!


doris said...

Grrrruffff... you'll be sorry!!! ;-) Later though - I gotta go fetch some things...

Are you happy with being an English Cocker Spaniel as oposed to some cutesy poodle with bows in its fur?

Cheryl said...

O Giood grief, thats not how you see me is it? Cutesy with bows?
I am, if anything, rather sorry I am not a labrador or bulldog, both very intelligent, caring and independant minded - Spaniel is a bit too biddable, but Poodle would be humiliation!

doris said...

Ha-ha! Like as 'eck! Consider your leg well and truly pulled.

You'll be waiting with baited breath to see what I am!!!! And good grief - I really have to type that up but I will, just for the laugh.

anniebee said...

I'm a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Apparently its main job in life is to thrash about at the water's edge. Sounds about right. I would actually like to be a Labradoodle or a Cockerdoodle, just because I like the names! Oh, the blog is now at http://retrotype.com/weblog/ & I'm not moving it again - well, not this week anyway!!

Cheryl said...

:-D @ U2

Milt Bogs said...

Tony Booth was apparently as anti Blair policies as I'd expect his character in Til Death Us Do Part to be. Seems like Blair has always been keen on linking with "influential people".