30 August 2005

As Bad As It Gets

Okay? Just so you know.

Yes I gave the gnashers a full outing, yes I put a spot of mascara on.
No I didnt scrub, whiten, buff or brush. This is pretty much it, off the shelf, untarted, as it comes, but hey, lets face it, if a genius brain, divine wit and general great personality like mine were all also in perfect packaging, heck, I might go and get a big head, or something.
Oh and okay, yes, I re-read the previous post and thought perhaps people were letting their imagination run riot, and yes I locked myself in the bathroom and took these in the mirror over the sink, just for this post. So, this IS me, only the other way around.
And you so couldnt give a hoot, am I right?
And that's more than enough on the subject of me.


zilla said...

Cheryl, You are so cute and clever and zany. And cute. And did I say clever? Clever. And amusing.

Ms Mac said...

Hey, those pics are nicer than the one in your profile! I mean that in the best possible way, of course! ;-)

bulb said...

Hehehehe you look funny!

Cheryl said...

Well now, funny ha-ha, or funny peculiar?
ROFL - do NOT answer that, Mr Growth.

doris said...

My goodness - you look completely different! I'm with Ms.Mac in saying these are great pics and considering they are taken over the bathroom sink.

I'm playing catch-up and enjoyed reading all your last posts, probably as much as Lewis has enjoyed winding you up ;-)

Hee-hee, you'll have the last laugh no doubt :-)

Cheryl said...

Oh not THAT different I hope! About two years older plus I gave up on the hairdye. Maybe not so sour, but I look goofy if I smile and sour if I dont. Just another one of those lose-lose situations that force me to be joyfully philosophical!
Thanks ALL

anniebee said...

Nice photos! I prefer them to your profile pic. Maybe I'll take some bathroom mirror ones too.

fineartist said...

OH CHERYL, you are fun as HECK!!! And I am with Annie, I am going to follow your lead and take bathroom pics in the mirror too. What dang fun. I am ALL over it!

Lovely cheek bones, btw.

fineartist said...

Okay, after taking those self pics, like you did. Well, I know one thing is for certain, one feels extremely silly posing and shooting one’s own picture.

Also, let it be known here and wide that it is extremely difficult to take a decent picture of yourself. I’ve tried it folks, probably because you will feel SO silly while doing it.

I did, however, manage to take two so-so pics, but only after shooting twenty five or so crappy ones. Haha, it was fun anyway.