27 August 2005


Don't know what to post today. I have this quirk about posting something, so today you get my surfing finds.

1. Making your tumour pay?
2. Fairytale ending?
3. A lot of reading to catch up on - I hope they publish.
4. Has he lost his finger, or has his finger lost him?
5. Hmm, boss or husband, husband or boss, I wonder how long I could listen to these guys before the urge to strangle them switched to a desire to jump on their heads wearing my trusty Doc Martens? Play the sample videos, you'll see what I mean - grating.
6. Poor Pope Joan, must have thought the other Joan (D'Arc) got off easy. And the less I say about Catholic men at this point, the better.

Have fun.


Le laquet said...

Great post Cheryl - made me "hmm, ooh, really? and aaah!" in quick succession ........ but not necessarily in chronological order!
Oh - and, husband doll please as mine has just dumped all the holiday washing that was clean back in the machine! Twit!

Cheryl said...

Its a ploy? - I'm sure mine occasionally volunteers to wash dishes, only to do it so badly that I ban him.

Le laquet said...

Yeh probably!!! Maybe we should give it all up, join the priesthood and one of us could be come the next pope if #6 is anything to go by!!!

K Jones said...

You know, I'm visiting from Michele's today, but I am now convinced that I should check every single painting thoroughly. I just don't think the kid's hand paintings secretly contain a Rembrandt or anything really.

Cheryl said...

Off to your blog because you have lost me!
I havent a clue what that means, but then I am not the sharpest pencil in the box this month. And if its your blooper, not mine, then welcome! Pleased to see someone else has IQ hiccups and not just me :-)

Cheryl said...

The happy ending link. Got it. Damn, my blooper. Still it was fun hoping. Thanks for dropping by!

ME Strauss said...

This is one of the most creative posts I've seen on a stroll around the blogs. Made me giggle all of the way through. Good on you.!



zandperl said...

Wow, that horn is bizzare! This summer I went to the Philadelphia Mutter Museum of medical mysteries, and there were a number of skulls and wax casts of people who had bone horns growing out of their skulls. It's really disturbing. But I went at lunchtime, so I was hungry too...