19 March 2006

The Will of The People, My Arse!

Who let Charles Clarke think for a moment that we all want ID cards?

What with the powers they are after to hold a suspect terrorist much longer, I can just imagine what this country is going to be like:

Uncle Fred will pop out for his baccy in the wrong jacket and dissappear for three weeks because he left his ID card indoors. Or are they going to triple the number of policemen, so theres enough to run an old man home (in pairs of course) to produce his card?

The Will of the People, my sad and sorry backside. Article here. Official plans for the cards' use, here.

My advice? Buy shares in Wella and L'Oreal. If this ID card lunacy goes through, theres probably going to be a massive upsurge in the number of bottle blondes on the streets - just to be on the safe side.

1 comment:

Badaunt said...

Here you can get arrested for looking foreign apparently, and maybe if everybody had to carry an ID card it would have helped the poor woman in this story, who obviously had mental problems. The police held her for 24 hours, (for questioning for 10 hours, can you believe, arrested for 14), because she refused to/couldn't speak. And all because she looked funny.

I am not advocating ID cards. The police behaved shamefully and it should never have happened. All I'm saying is that in this case some form of ID might have helped. A credit card. A driving licence. Anything. Because the police can be stupid and cruel.

The whole WAR ON TERROR!!! thing makes me want to... to... plant a bomb in someone's trousers. It encourages the sort of thinking we already have far too much of here. You know, the "Oooh, foreign! Must be a criminal!" mindset.

I have to carry an ID card all the time. This is not SO much of a problem (because I very rarely get asked for it), but I don't like being treated like a criminal. It was only after years of activism that these ID cards stopped carrying fingerprints as well - and now the WAR ON TERROR!!! has given the authorities the perfect excuse to bring back fingerprinting. Bastards.