22 March 2006

Aspergers Is:

Found a brilliant page listing real and fictional characters that display strong Aspergers traits.

So, If you've ever wondered what a person with Aspergers is actually like, think:

Basil Fawlty, Bert (Bert & Ernie), Bill Gates, Sherlock Holmes, Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady), Einstein, Catweazle, Beethoven, Pippi Longstocking, Edward Scissorhands, Gerald McBoing-Boing, Phileas Fogg, Alex Keaton (Family Ties), Doctors Craig and Ehrlich (St Elsewhere), Thomas Newton (The Man Who Fell To Earth), Carl Jung and Dilbert.

Yup, I think that about says it.

So now, all you 'never heard of it' types,
now you know the sort,
how many have you actually come across already and just never knew it?

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P.S. See an even more comprehensive list (sadly with some broken links) HERE.


Writer Mom said...

Now that I think on it, I think I gave birth to Bert and Ernie, and what would one be without the other in this world?

Wonderful list. (except, I'm not familiar with Catweazle...must go check on that one...)

Tabby Rabbit said...

Great list. And a fabulous excuse to go back and remind myself on Bert and Ernie!!!

shorty said...

This is a wonderful post. At my old school I had a student that had Aspergers and no one would have known it if his mom did not INSIST that he have an aid to help him at all times. This boy did not need an aid. What he needed was a chance to do things himself, and he did because his aid knew it, too. She was bored out of her mind because he was so capable. One day his mother will realize to look to her sons potential, not label, and see how wonderful he is.

fineartist said...

Cheryl, thanks for the links, that is the coolest and most informative site I've seen in a long while.

You can even click on the experts and read excerpts from their books, frapping awesome information to help us understand and help our children more fully.

Rock on wit' your bad self....xxx, Lo

fineartist said...

Oh Cheryl I wish I could have found this site years ago, all the beautiful kids I could have been more helpful to. Oh man, oh man....Temple Grandin is my hero. Love her. (You too)

zilla said...

Good company on that list. Very cool. :-)

Oh, that poor aid, Shorty. Maybe she was in the wrong job? Just because a child is capable does not mean a knowledgable & sensitive helper is hands-down inappropriate. Each case is different and we can't judge what's right for one Aspergers child by what's right for another, can we? I'll save my aspersions for the parents who are too disengaged to even try to do what's best for their child, NT or Aspies. I would wager that the mother you're second guessing was indeed looking to her son's potential, and making damn sure the system would, too.

Writer Mom said...

Back again.
Nervous about a school evaluation coming up. FA sent me to the Temple link and I'm, just...Well, you know how it feels.
I have no idea what state I'd be in if I didn't have your site to guide me and keep me focused.

You ARE Gandhi. You're MY Gandhi.
Many many thanks.

bulb said...

Why the hell would Jung be in that list??

Le laquet said...

Aren't we all somewhere on that autistic spectrum though ...it just depends on the situation!

Abby said...

I don't think Basil Fawlty was A.S. I think he was just manic and frustrated.