13 March 2006

Kenneth Williams

Just watched a brilliant programme on BBC4, Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa.

Aspie, aspie, aspie, aspie, aspie.


Dear God save my brother and my little boy from a life of that much tortured loneliness.

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fineartist said...

Amen sweety.

Hugs and stuff, Lori

Cheryl said...

Thank Fineartist!
Didn't help that Husband spent the whole programme going "that is soooo much like your brother", all I could do was sniff & nod.

Writer Mom said...

Having not seen the program, all I can say is, thanks to your honest blog, surely more people are learning about diversity. Hopefully your audience of readers will ripple out positive understanding and things will get better.

The Lady Muck said...

Hello! I missed the show, but I have it taped. I take it I will need hankies... I do love kenneth Williams. Amazing man.