18 March 2006

Have A Butchers At This

Once in a while breeding overtakes any natural style and grace and I slip, usually in moments of high enthusiasm, into the vernacular of my youth.

This screws the Americans up good and proper and they lose the plot, or assume I did.

Put another way, when I get a bit lairy, you'll clock me opening me gob to spout, (if not total bollocks), some perfectly reasonable but local terms such as chuffed, knackered, gobsmacked or even doobry.

Here is David Brent explaining one or two terms, although I am disappointed that he didn't even know that the phrase divv kid stems from someone being divvy. I mean, everyone knows divvy means daft, don't they?

Otherwise a more comprehensive and alphabetical list is HERE. I like this. I've surfed through the lot now, looking for a turn of phrase I had never heard, but sadly only found one or two relating to buggery, which I tend not to discuss that often and so will probably forget. The rest just seemed like common sense to me. At any rate, in honour of the previous paragraph, I have directed you to the Ds.

Sorry, Doris.


Ally said...

All seems perfectly normal to me!

Carol said...

This is just normal speech, surely? ;)