13 March 2006

Five Things And A Lurker!

I am feeling decidedly verbose flattered, as it seems that I have a lurker. Rather, I had a lurker, one who has just come out of the closet and admitted he sometimes reads my blog.

Poor, silly soul; that's his street-cred straight out of the top floor window.

Please pop over to see Marmoset at SimianExist, who has been blogging in a quiet corner for only the last twelve weeks and would appreciate support and encouragement - don't we all. After that, if you get a second, you could also pop over to see Brummie at Brummieblogs.

There, That was my 'good deed that grates', for the day, simply because Brummie seems to be a really brilliant and humorous woman, plus her blog has a fantastic, professional layout, plus her profile is out of this world and makes me want to really really like her (which, whilst I'm in the throes of indignant jealousy and giving off a luminous green light is a hard thing to admit) PLUS she's sh*t hot at spotting lovely souls and writing talent and ushering them onto the blogosphere.

Well, she managed to talk Marmoset into it, and that's a coup in itself.

Damn, two more on my links list, I'm going to grow roots into this darned swivel chair soon.

Anyhow, Marmoset tagged me for a meme!

Here we go:

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Walkers new Lamb & Mint crisps
2. Cheese on toast with lashings of hot horseradish sauce under the cheese, or a ton of dried chilli seeds on top
3. Lemony pistachio nuts (a habit I picked up in Southall because they were dirt cheap)
4. Bombay Mix (ditto) but not the stuff with the bright green, bullet hard, dried & dyed peas and the whiff of dodgy egg - the other one
5. Olives of all sorts - black ones, green ones, stuffed ones, super-huge ones steeped in garlic & stuff - just olives.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (including the often neglected intro - so shoot me!)
2. Don't Come The Cowboy With Me (Kirsty MacColl)
3. Supper's Ready (Genesis) - and I'll have you know that once upon a time if you ran with teenage musicians and geeks, knowing your Genesis was an essential badge of supposed semi intelligence. De Rigeur, even. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
4. Christoper Robin Is Saying His Prayers (Cheryl Hall)
5. When You Come To The End Of Your Lollipop (Flanagen & Allen)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Buy a large family home with room to swing a cat in every room and room for a flat in the attic - thats half the cash gone in one swoop
2. Set myself up in some sort of charitable business, like life coaching for single mums
3. Travel. I don't know where to or how or how far, because I've never got round to anything more exotic than can be reached by British Rail.
4. Go out and dance, a whole lot more often.
5. Play Secret Santa all year

Five things you like doing:
1. Dancing (badly)
2. Singing (ditto)
3. Cuddling my kids
4. Pontificating
5. Playing devil's advocate just for fun

Five things you would never wear again:
1. Leg warmers
2. Seventies frocks with frills and stuff (gag, graaa puke)
3. Home made Bay City Roller trousers
4. Leggings!!!!!!
5. Cheap costume jewellery (anything not gold makes my skin green and lumpy. I think I might secretly be the Hulk)

Five favourite toys:
1. My computer
2. My steam wallpaper stripper. Not used often enough, but great fun
3. My kettle. "Coffeeeeeeeeeeee"
4. Not telling. I got it for Xmas once.
5. Power tools. I don't look like Barbie (thank you, God), nor like to bend over with my legs straight, nor strut around dressed in a hard hat and dental floss, yet for all that, somehow when I casually swing a hammer drill, it makes men suddenly pay very close and respectful attention. Its even better to see the look on their faces when I use the damn thing properly, like their sweet little worlds and perceptions are just melting away....

So who to tag? Anyone and everyone who visits, and who has never done this one before (or did it, but ages ago).
Just say in the comments so I can come see?


Neutron said...

Hiya, just popped back to say thanks for the link to Brummie Blogs...she's dead good...and so are you of course!
In fact you are both so good you make me sick! (..with envy...)


Rain said...

Did it.

fineartist said...

Genesis, I have the album Nursery Cryme ….I loved me some Genesis…Loved the Return of the Giant Hogweed….Turn and run, they're approaching...

I am dying to know what you got for Christmas once…it’s killing me. I can only imagine so of course my brain is going to go where it shouldn’t…I have to ask, did the present say to Cheryl with “vibrant” love? Okay, so I suck. Xxx, Lori

word verification fnbad. hehe, that's me

Just another American Expat said...

A lurker? Now people have taken up stalking on the internet? Part of the hazards of going public I suppose.

KW said...

Popped over from Sheweevil; I'm with you on the leggings!


She Weevil said...

I did it too!! Normally never get round to memes but as I've been waiting for a phone call since yesterday for stuff that needed to go out yesterday and it still hasn't happened ...

zilla said...

Damn it all, now I've got "S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y Night" stuck in my head.

You stinker!

Writer Mom said...

My butt started giving me trouble last week...too much sitting, since you asked. So many fantastic people out there! Whenever I get the urge to whimper, "I can't possibly keep up," I remind myself how grateful I am to have access to so many great minds. Yours being among the most precious finds, of course.

To think, a year ago I didn't know what a blog was!