13 March 2006

Harry The Hamster Bites The Dust

Farewell to my little sidebar pet, Harry the Hamster, as once provided by bunnyhero labs. Heres hoping he goes to a good home.

He was cute, he was chubby, but lets be honest, he flickered worse than Data with a system error and he was a bit of a tart; he'd climb on that wheel and perform for anyone who tickled his tummy.

In his place is a rather lovely thingumajig I swiped from SheWeevil. Its a gizmo from CoComment.com that tracks comments I leave at other peoples blogs and adds to them when someone replies.

Because I like a reply, and when I get one I shall rush off to that person's blog yet again, just to see said reply 'in situ'. Because I'm weird like that.

Plus I tend to forget which new blogs I commented on, which can be frustrating.

I do still need someone to show me how to add comments made on blogger.com blogs that don't have the code. Apparently Blogger supports this, but theres a knack.

Still 'in Beta' this rather flash thingie used to be available by invitation only, but no longer. They are still asking for feedback but its obviously stable enough now to eliminate the need to watch user numbers.

I love a good gizmo, don't you?


She Weevil said...

I have to come clean and say I actually stole it from Stegbeetle (to whom I would now link but because of my crapness with html I can't); if you google for him I'm sure you'll find him and he willprobably know how to do the thing you want to.

Oh, and thanks for the link back Cheryl.

Marmoset said...

Hello Cheryl!

Thanks for letting me randomly tag you. I'll link you to my page as well...


Cheryl said...

Marmoset you're welcome.

She Weevil - its a moot point at the mo - I see that the code is still in my template but the box has gone walkies.

Rain said...

by little hampster, but yes he did blink quite a bit. I would love something that kept track of my comments. I often can't remember where I've been! I get in a rut and then I find some new blogs to read but then I forget to go back. It's just like real life!

Badaunt said...

I've signed up for coComment as well, and installed the bookmarklet, but haven't put the box on my page. Don't know if I will or not. (The sidebar's a bit long already.) I have the feed coming into Bloglines so it's not really necessary.

It works for Blogger UNLESS you have popup comments, which I do. But I might have found a way around that - I tried the 'open in new page' thing (command-click on a Mac) and made the popup open in a new page on someone's blog, and then I could click the coComment bookmarklet and it worked. But does it work for followups...? I won't know that unless I can remember which page it was I tried it on!

It doesn't work at all with Haloscan, unfortunately.

Stegbeetle said...

Sheweevil is overestimating my capabilities seriously when she suggests I'd be much help! However...if you install Cocommeting's bookmarklet you should be able to keep track of any comments you leave even if you have to fill in links etc yourself. The instructions at http://www.cocomment.com/tools/bookmarklet are pretty good.
If you need any help then I'll help as I may but don't pin all your hopes on me. When under pressure I go to pieces so quickly people get hit by the shrapnel!!