18 March 2006

Dear Malcolm Ward From Woking

I really appreciate that you visit my blog, at least I think you do and if I'm correct then that's great, thanks.

The thing is, my statcounter monitors the pages that people land on, and when it says:
Temp/Index432.html , it freaks me out.

How does it read an address thats obviously on your personal computer, anyway?

Would you like to rail against the machine / politely ask the Statcounter people if their software is throwing a new and unusual sort of hissy fit, or shall I?


Badaunt said...

I get those sometimes, too, but hadn't noticed the name in there. Must check, next time.

It's weird. How DOES something like this end up on Statcounter? I hope someone geeky comes along and explains!

LZ Blogger said...

Cheryl ~ That is just a page discription to a browser and nothing else. If you are looking for SECLUSION... the internet is about as far from that as you can get. As for your IP address', they are about as personal as a finger print on a book in the library of Congress! (Unique? YES! First one there... ? Hardly!) I am one of those techno-nerds and I have trouble keeping up with it all! Believe me, the server knows ALL though! ~ jb///

Le laquet said...

I love that I have no idea what any of that means *preens* I so enjoy my clueless state!