06 March 2006

Mind Games

I want you to play two games with me.

Game 1

I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you had a letter, and it said that everything you ever wanted in life is going to turn up by the truckload, tomorrow morning at 10am.


The knowledge, the job, the home, the possessions, the respect, the amazing skills, they're all showing up, prepackaged, and they're all going to be irreversibly installed, in front of your eyes, tomorrow at ten. Other people's attitudes; your kids are going to have their heads screwed on and be completely successful. So is your partner. So are you. Everyone is going to look up to you. Tomorrow morning you get a complete head, heart, home, life, responsibility and outlook revamp. Its ALL coming.

Tomorrow you start to live 'it', whether you are ready or not; whether you want to or not.

How does that make you feel?

Me? My first reaction was "Oh SHIT!" The house is a mess, I havent shaved my legs, my fingernails are all uneven, I'd better wash my hair.

Then it went deeper.

There are things that I habitually do that do not fit in my dreams. I smoke. That's not something I condemn, but when I look at my dream list, a lifetime supply of tobacco and rizlas isn't on the list. When I look at my dream job, my dream lifestyle, It doesn't involve slouching out of the house sort of brushed and washed at school time and coming back home to finish the process. Instead it involves being on the ball; looking 'respectable' in the true sense of the word; looking like I've got it all together and I'm fit to receive all this, this stuff.

Suddenly theres a reason to face these little issues, suddenly there is a point to sorting them out, to changing what needs to be changed, learning what needs to be learned and wrapping my head around the concept that, even though its all in transit, I OWN everything I want, and tomorrow I'll be wearing it, feeling it, living it.


This time tomorrow, fifty articulated lorries, a fleet of helicopters and a couple of very professional fairy godmothers are going to be on your doorstep, not asking what goes where; just taking control and sweeping past you, around you, through you. By 10.30 am you will be expected to be the person that you always wanted to be.

Maybe you don't entirely know who that is, on a conscious level, so its pointless setting up a meme. Just take a while to dream.

Game 2

Think of someone you know. Someone likeable. A little depressed maybe, a little dowdy; not a superstar, just someone nice, and normal.

Imagine they are the one who got the letter. Their stuff comes tomorrow, but you happen to bump into them today.

Can you see the difference in that person? Can you see the hope, the energy, the attitude of being down to business, the mental process of saying farewell to a few slouchy attitudes? Can you see them beginning to take on the mantle of greatness, beginning to shine, even before the things have turned up? Can you see them, for the first time, looking like they deserve and can cope with all these wonderful things?

That's that game over.

Its entire purpose, if you think about it, is to explain exactly why you should go straight back to game 1, and stay there.

Fun, huh?


Kim said...

lol, it's too early for me to fully contemplate this scenario, however, I suspect I'd have had the same gut reaction as you did in regard to the house and nails and hair... You make me laugh.

Cheryl said...

there are two ways to take that!

What a compliment, Kim, you make me roflmfao.
I pmsl. Honestly.
So, by the numbers of comments you get, do lots of others.

Thank you!

Writer Mom said...
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Writer Mom said...

Tee hee...I just received an email that the new Harry Potter DVD and Virginia Woolf novel I ordered are on the way. Thank goodness I was given the head's up, or else I may have ended up chasing FedEx down the street, "You forgot my self motivation chip!!! Where's my confidence booster??? Where's my INCREASED INTELLIGENCE!?!"
I'll stop taking the exercise so literally, now, and try to embrace the power of positive focus.
I LOVE how your mind works.
I want your mind.
If I could have your brain show up at my door with the fairies tomorrow, that'd be fantastic.
Or course, I wouldn't know how to install it.

Cheryl said...

Funnily enough it came from somewhere off with the fairies the first time round, and didn't ever have an instruction manual.
Still, thanks!

doris said...

It is a wonderful exercise and one I am not aware of ever having heard about it before. It is funny but when I thought a little about the second exercise I could see an unspecified person looking all hopeful and full of the joys of spring with bright hope and looking every bit about to embrace it and yet when thinking of the first exercise I am sluggish and thinking how impossible. Strange that I am hapy to see others happy and successful and yet for myself withold those pleasures. (Except that I am not that down on myself at the moment but can see how I have been.)

It is wonderful that you are valuing more the nuts and bolts and giving them their due worth.

I loved the idea of the professional fairy godmothers turning up as well as all the vehicles. Suddenly the tune of the A-Team plays in my mind ;-)

Carol said...

Well, if Game1 really happened to be, I'd be running ou the back while they were knocking at the front. What a way to take al the fun outta life - I want to achieve it for myself, not have it handed to me out the back of a lorry!

Game2 - I saw her. I saw her getting everything she thinks she wants. I saw her heading out the back door as well - for different reasons. She needs to be where she is now. She needs to climb her mountain herself. So - perhaps not such different reasons.

Did I take this too seriously?

Cheryl said...

LOL Carol, no its a self assessment game.
If there was anything about you that made you say 'oh poop', any ways you were letting yourself (or others) down because 'theres always time', these would have showed up.
I figure even those people whose list is full of material items, still want those because of the way they would make them feel - whether thats benign, or charitable, or validated etc.
In fact now I look, this whole thing was way more serious than I realised when I wrote it!

Cheryl said...

Hey Doris
Glad you hadn't heard of it before. I do like the idea of being the first to make it up!


zilla said...

I'm not sure what this says about me, except that it can't possibly be good.

When I envisioned another person on the day before receiving, I could see a glimmer of "Cool! The package man is coming! Presents!" but then I had a vision of all their new stuff gathering dust from disuse. This probably means that I think if we're not using the perfectly good stuff we have already, we don't deserve more good stuff because we won't use that either.

So maybe the only thing that needs to be delivered is a box of "use it or lose it."

Not to be a downer.