29 March 2006

Did I Mention The Rats?

Monday we got the Tudor skirt done. Yesterday day was spent unpicking the seams on what was left of the curtain, washing some bits to get fold lines out, ironing. gluing fabric on a cardboard shape for a headdress. Once the kids were home, I planned making the bodice to fit, but using a recycled zip that doesn't open at the base - that part had to be wide enough to slip over Daughter's hips without being undone. Thank heavens she's a bit of a string bean.

Thats when Big Daughter phoned to moan, but Fisherman Son also called. His tenancy runs out at the end of this month and he and his girlfriend have agreed to part company, so instead of taking up the new flat they'd found he's going back to sleeping on the boat and saving some of his money. So could I please look after his two pet rats.

Ben and Jerry, they're called. They arrived last night complete with huge tall cage with two tiers to the inside and plenty of wire casing for climbing.

Guess who was up all night listening to scurrying claws and paws on hard plastic climbing frames.


Some time today I will introduce them to the cat, establish whether there might be any death wishes floating around between the animal members of this household, and then hopefully install our new visitors in the living room, as far from my bedroom as possible.

Still son brought lots of food and bedding for them and forced £20 on me also. Woolworth is selling little tabletop electric sewing machines for £15 and had two left on Monday night when I bought the elastic - so do me a favour and pray they're still there!


doris said...

LOL the rats make the Tudor sweat shop complete! Now what was that about Baldrick with a cunning plan and a turnip?!!!

About the sewing machine - I do wonder that if it is not built as a workhorse maching (like those treadle ones) whether it can even cope with the curtain fabric? I'm not being pessimistic just considering the effort and money involved in the cheapo from Woolies. On the other hand it may be an amazing gem and just perfect.

Very good luck to you :-)

Ally said...

Yes, good luck! And rats are supposed to be very interesting and intelligent pets ... I hope they don't cause you too much hassle :).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind the ones you have are, but my mum used to have two hooded rats, Florence and Gertrude and they were lovely, albeit abit large. We put them out in the living room with the cat, who strolled up to them, all curious, and when they moved, she promptly ran away.
Brave animal. ;-)

fineartist said...

Our children, no matter what age are still our children, only they have bigger heart aches now.

Sounds like your son is a smart one, if I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure I do, that girl of his was a piece of work…good on him!

Rats? Oh shudder. My oldest kids had two of those busy beasts, and as I remember they were really stinky. Probably because my kids couldn’t be bothered to clean the cedar chips regularly enough for me. Cosmo and gadget were their names, gaaaa, I hadn’t thought about those two pink eyed rodents in years.

The gown you are making sounds wonderful, you creative woman you. It would be awesome as heck if you posted pics of it after it’s finished.

Praying that the machine is still there, here.

Badaunt said...

I once took care of two rats (Spot and Mildew) for some acquaintances for 'a couple of weeks' which somehow turned into six months. They were entertaining, but not nearly as bright as I expected. They were both addicted to chocolate, and Mildew was an alcoholic. (How do I know? Erm...) They were also lesbians. Mildew ran away at one point and was gone for three days. We found her starving and skinny in the gutter outide the house. Wild chocolate was harder to catch than she'd thought, I guess.