12 March 2006

I'll give you flippin' Barbie

This is all SheWeevil's fault.

I mean SHE did the quiz first, so blame her.

Its a quiz called 'Which Moira Stewart are you?' and for those who have never come across the name, Moira Stewart is a formidable professional and established UK newsreader, who happens to be black.

I did everything I could to get a different answer to the one I got (SheWeevil's fate, also) which mockingly announced: "WTF?! You're not a Moira at all! Barbie"

OK so the doll is pictured naked but for panties and knee high boots, cavorting in a graveyard (no, you don't get a picture, go see SheWeevil for that, its not getting posted here!)

Still, I have to wonder, does every possible answer add up to the Barbie result? Is this some social commentary that unless you are in fact the true and magnificent Moira, then, as a different newsreader, you must be blonde, busty, and wear the pleasant and slightly vacant features of either a plastic doll or a woman with too much botox?

Either way, it categorised me as that false woman, that creature of the plastic proportions, that demon advocate for all things Stepford.

I mean, if I had to be labelled blonde and fit, ok, but couldn't I have been someone with a sharp sense of humour and a brain? Like, say, Pink?

Speaking of her, heres her newest video. It's effing brilliant and it takes my anti-Barbie point to a whole new level. I love this girl.

Click on the picture. Enjoy!


She Weevil said...

I think the only way you can get a different result is by selecting different answers in the last question: as I said, very silly.

Ivy the Goober said...

I had never seen that video, but it is awesome! Thanks for the link to Pink :)

zilla said...

Why is Pink grabbing her breast?

I scored Modern Moira, and I don't even know who Moira is, but the question next to the result was "Metrosexual?" and my response is, "Why the hell not?"

Actually, Moira's picture looks a lot like the first African American companion of Barbie -- I believe her name was Christie, and she came in a nurse's uniform, but I'm probably wrong because I preferred my brother's GI Joe with Kung-Fu Grip.

Maybe that's what "metrosexual" means?

Cheryl said...

Oh dear.
I always thought a metrosexual was a straight man who used moisturiser and called his gel 'hair product'.

The Jamoker said...

I'm with ya 100% on Pink.

And, yes, your definition of a Metro is correct.

Badaunt said...

Am I the only person who can't see the video? When I click the link, on the page I get taken to the bit where it says 'watch video' is not a link - i.e. it looks like I AM on the 'watch video' page. But there is no video. I've tried navigating around, and found another page where I could hit 'watch video' - but the same thing happened.

Is it just me?

Le laquet said...

Yeh well I don't think you should be that upset I was Batman Moira Stewart!?! At least you (as Barbie) got perky bosoms .... I get to live in a cave and hang out with a younger lad int tights!!* WTF? How can anyone with such a melodic voice (read Moira) have a Batman alter ego?!?

*Sounds like a night out in Brighton!

sidhe said...

my husband bought Barbie dolls for my daughters against my long-stated wishes. His excuse? that they were at a garage sale. HUH? Fortunately, mostly they've pulled the heads off the Barbies and played hockey with them. I've gotten somewhat used to finding Dismemberment Barbie here and there. (my quiz result? yep, Graverobber Barbie)

Miss Cellania said...

I enjoyed the video, will recommend it. You must admit, the still picture gives a wrong idea of what you will see!

Writer Mom said...

Loved the video.

I am also "metrosexual?" Learn something new about myself EVERY TIME I stop in.