22 March 2006

Sorry For The Delay!

Two items have been added to my blog since it started going slow and messing about.

The first is the pig post, below, and the second is was the blogflux link code. I thought I'd give it a shot, as I have never managed to get the links thingy-dooda to work in the blogger script.

Its gone again now, pretty obviously, and things should be back up to speed - please let me know if not and I'll start stripping the blog back to pre-muck-up condition.

HUGE thanks to caring, wonderful Badaunt who tipped me off. BA - no idea how to pay you back, but I owe you, again.

When are your Tales of the Japanese Riverbank* coming out as a huge, glossy, coffee table book? I'd pay £20 for one - I'd pay £40 for a signed copy!

Love your photo stories :-)

*Forgive me for coining a working title without consultation!


The Lady Muck said...

I did wonder what was going on, my puny little 96ram time pc crashed when I last read your blog... Time to get me a decent show-offy laptop methinks...
Like the little madbaggage comments thingy in the sidebar, btw.

Ms Mac said...

Personally I'm hoping that BadAunt's blogger mates are going to get a signed copy for free!

She Weevil said...

No it's fine now; kept getting a script error but I never know if things like that are a problem my end or the other, just presumed it was me.

Well done Mary.

I liked the pig thingy: it said I had an excellent sex life (you should have drawn a tail Cheryl) how dit it know?

Badaunt said...

YAY! All fixed!

No more slowdowns, and I can INUNDATE you with comments. (But if I disappear for a couple of days it's because I have just tonight developed a rather nasty cold. Or something. Suddenly. Temperature through the roof and all that. I'm off to bed!)