06 March 2006

Silly Searches

Everyone, it seems, has at one time or another written a post on the kind of search terms that people used to arrive at their blog. Not me, so far.

I have to admit that most of the ones that send people to me are pretty darned crude.

Why is it that people will search for a specific phrase, yet never bother to put speech marks around it? Without speech marks, search engines simply find any page that contains all the words you typed, even if that page is a monthly archive containing 30 to 40 posts and theres an hours reading to be done between each of your search terms.

Today I have had my favourite search terms so far. Not too grubby and I love the pictures they conjure up, so for once, I am going to share.

They are:

Tuxedo made out of hemp


Nuns breaking wind.

So now you know.


doris said...

Cool - they are grin makers :-D

jane said...

Do nuns really break wind? ;)
I can't believe those searches brought them to your blog, that's just bizarre!

Just another American Expat said...

You have me doing this now. "Barnyard sex " showed up on an MSN search. Imagine that.

Ivy the Goober said...

I get some funny ones too. It makes me wonder what the searcher thinks when they see my page. Especially as one time people were finding me with what looked like serious searches about getting lint off of towels. They found ME, with only the same problem but no good advice!

Le laquet said...

LMAO!! Excellent! How do you know this?

fineartist said...

NOW I have heard/read everything. Heh, heh, nuns breaking wind...thought they might let them implode like I do...

The Moai said...

A few weeks back I chekced my referrer logs and found someone had got to my blog via a search for 'transvestite prostitutes west yorkshire.'