13 March 2006

Free Association 162

Aargh! Its been a few weeks.

Trigger list by LunaNina

1. Displacement:: exclusion,rejection, homelessness. Outside the comfort zone.
2. Grease monkey:: Car mechanic up a pole?
3. Vacancy:: vacuum, unnatural space, atmosphere in waiting
4. Conquer:: Achieve, gain, control, include in comfort zone
5. Payroll:: clones, drones and nine to five, hand to mouth.
6. Personal:: endowed with ones auric field, of oneself, that which is precious and requires defending. Comfort zone elements at risk of invasion.
7. Housewife:: Manager, enabler, life coach, goddess.
8. Lateral:: sideways
9. Tissue:: paper. Fancy gifts and keepsakes, beautiful boxes full of history in tissue paper.
10. Multiplication:: cloning. Not always good, increases strength of the one, decreases diversity. What if every single animal in your country was a rabbit, or every single bush the same?


Badaunt said...

Off topic, but... did you know you're still getting popup windows? I'm pretty sure it's caused by the WhozonTop code near the bottom of your page.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Badaunt.
I removed that one but the pop up, I am told, is still there?

Badaunt said...

Yes. It's a whole new window that opens up, and the url I get is this one:


It pops up a different ad every time. It will be SOME sort of Javascript, I imagine, but... I don't think the url helps much, coz it's just an ad. Although it is ALWAYS ilead that turns up, from memory.

Next time I load your page (it only happens after I quit the browser and load it for the first time) I'll watch the bar at the bottom of my browser and try to pinpoint what is loading when the ad pops up.

Badaunt said...

I got it! It's the Nedstat thing. I cleared all my cookies, went to your page, got the popups (there's the one with the url I gave you, then a whole bunch of popup messages telling me they're going to scan my computer and sometimes a download starts automatically as well - this thing is VICIOUS!) - and checked the source code for that page. In there I found this bit of code:

blah blah blah http://ilead.itrack.it/clients/Nedstat/c5634/popup etc etc

The ilead page is the one that pops up, and it looks like Nedstat is the one referring your page there.

This has given me a wonderful HA! GOTCHA! feeling.