19 March 2006

Free Association 163

Triggers set by Luna Nina

I think I may be feeling a little caustic this week.

  1. Sugar rush:: White sugar and cane syrup are drugs and in excess they do you real harm. Macdonalds and stupid parents who sit with stupid smiles on their faces watching junior go apeshit on six cans of coke a day etc should be locked up for pushing drugs to kids. Just my opinion.
  2. Chemical:: additives
  3. Suspension:: calpol liquid
  4. Defending:: protecting
  5. Conference:: to confer is to reach understanding, get back up to speed, asses the next steps. Most 'conferences' spend too little time getting to the point.
  6. Dance:: freedom
  7. Weather:: stuff that happens
  8. Fuel:: oxygen
  9. Heartbreak:: life
  10. Insult:: wound, crush

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