24 March 2006

Bit Busy

Today I am off to an official meeting to petition for additions and alterations to a seven page legal document. This with no formal training.

To that end I have spent the week locating and absorbing the pertintent sections of a 200+ page code of practice, noting every instance where it refers to other more binding documents, ie where practice is law and not optional.

I have also had a couple or six lovely long chats with various specialists, one of whom, bless her, sent me a long help document which never showed up and who therefore spoke with me by phone, for free, for over an hour late last night. I owe her big time.

Once that is done I am back to finish a badge design for a subject which means an awful lot to me (no, I'm not that hot with graphics - this is taking time!) plus clean up this little pit we call home, shove things in cupboards and be ready to pick my children up at three, along with a playmate who is coming to tea for the very first time.

Sod changing the guinea pig bedding today - they'll just have to wait and I'll just have to get creative with the neutradol.

Wish me luck!

P.S. The document is a legally binding statement of provision for son's Aspergers that will stay with him, barring minor tweaks at annual intervals, for the next five, hopefully seven or ten years. The badge is to advertise that this year is International Aspergers Year (did you know that? I only just found out!) and to advertise it to us mere mortals and encourage more people to understand - especially if they happen to be doctors or teachers or youth group workers or the disdainful woman up the road. I WILL be ramming this badge in peoples faces and constantly begging you all to buy 1/10/100 for the next nine months until the year is up. Please. Sorry, it seems the soapbox is now firmly glued to my feet and I am on autopilot with this, so if it annoys you, then see you next January, I hope!


She Weevil said...

I wish I was going with you - we'd take no prisoners!! All my very best wishes and love for today.


Stegbeetle said...

All the best at the meeting. I've done similar things for Younger Daughter and I've found the "representatives of officialdom" to be understanding, thoughtful and patient. Let's hope they're the same in your neck of the woods. Fingers crossed for you!
A word about the guinea pig - delegation.

Miss Cellania said...

Its amazing what we can learn to do when we need to. Legalese is still a foreign language to me, but I can deal with it when it comes to my kids! Looking back, its amazing I managed to get them here legally.

HOw much are those badges going for?

doris said...

You know you have my very best wishes. So glad to hear that the support came through at the 11th hour! Thinking of you today.

zilla said...

Good luck today. You don't need no formal trainin'; ya gots plenty of brains & plenty of pluck. Now introduce me to some disdainful women so I can bust their chops.

Anonymous said...

It's good to have people who get on their soapbox, keep at it! I'll have a badge.
PS, on a more trivial note, I have a meme, and I don't usually tag, but I seem to remember owing you one! LOL. If you haven't already done it (You probably have, but if not) give us 6 wierd habits/things about your lovely self... I'm feeling nosey.

Writer Mom said...

(((positive transcontinental vibes)))

Put me down for some badges!

fineartist said...

I'll be proud to have one of those badges too, pin me honey.

Take no prisoners! I love it.

You do have plenty of brains, and pluck. Pluck that is going to be my new word for the day. I intend to overuse the heck out of it till everyone around me wants to choke me.

Sending prayers up and strength over the ocean, Lori

The Jamoker said...

good luck!