03 March 2006

Pluckers And Twangers

Husband posts too much. His really good stuff disappears off the front page way too fast, so I have not one single pang of guilt about stealing this link from him.

I actually found this years ago and more recently went on a long and fruitless search for another copy. Apparently, according to one site I went to, the producers/makers/lawyers of the 1970s UK children's favourite, RAINBOW, had complained bitterly and obliged people to remove all the copies from the web.

Oopsy daisy, seems they missed one. My recommendation is that you watch it while you can. But not in front of the children.

Click on the picture.



Le laquet said...

Saw it over at the Thegn's ~ loved it! But also love that I get 2 pages of good stuff whenever I go over there!

fineartist said...

I can't get it to down load, as usual. Sucky old dial up.

The pics remind me of that movie of Robin william's, Smoochy, where he played Rainbow (f-ing) Randolf, with the penis cookies...man I love that movie.

Now I'm off to check out your man's site, his funnies always crack me up....xxx, Lori

Just another American Expat said...

LOL...that was - how do you guys say it - saucy?

Hey...you never said that another family member was an accomplished Blogger. Trying to downplay the competition?

Ally said...

I've seen it before, but it always makes me giggle:).

Writer Mom said...

Damn kids keep coming in to see what I'm watching...

Badaunt said...

It's hilarious, BUT... is it just the way my computer plays it, or is the lip-synching WAY off? I have a suspicion that someone added that dialog later. People's lips were moving when they weren't speaking, and vice versa.

Whatever. LOVELY dialog. :-D

(Plucking twangers!)

Library Lady said...

Oh dear, oh dear. And people in the US always used to think that British TV is so HIGHBROW.

(Of course, that changed as soon as the Teletubbies reached our shores....)

Carol said...

Oh, I've missed that clip. Brilliant! Thanks for the reminder :)