01 March 2006

Happy St David's Day!

Here's the story of Dewi Sant.

So much for daffodils, however; I am looking out on glorious sunshine, a clear blue sky and fat, falling snowflakes. At least this southern tip of the country isn't under snow; although, then again, I miss snow, in an odd way, because the salt here rarely lets it fall and never lets it stay.

HERE's the Pontypridd Male Voice Choir singing the National Anthem (that would be the Welsh one, mind). Its not the best recording. Here are the words, in both Welsh and English.

Live, or well caught, a Welsh male voice choir does funny things to my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck. There's a resonance to the sound that cuts through you.

Reminds me of my dad singing to me when I was little - now there was a man with a proper voice....


She Weevil said...

It reminds me of mine too, he used to sing "Wales, Wales bloody big fish in the sea" before rugby matches.

Happy St David's Day - sorry too ill to post more (sinus/flu thing).

Commenters all being very well behaved, I note.

Kim said...

isn't it amazing what reminds us of our parents?