23 May 2005

Yukky Cringe

EDIT: Too late! (Well I say that, but heck, a lady may change her mind! So is this better? Worse? You couldn't give a flying ffffffart?)


It's hard to think up a blog name before you have done any significant surfing. That's my excuse anyhow.

Now, with the surfeit of people whose blogs declare them to be musing or more specifically rambling, I am grossly humiliated at my choice of blog title. I would change the 'Mad Baggage' bit too, but as the only madbaggage on Google, I may have to stick with it. Or do I?

So, what to call this? Mad Baggage What? Something Else?

Anyone got any suggestions please?

(Please, please, pretty-please with sugar and a cherry on top.........)


Marci said...

I had a hard time coming up with mine, and asked for suggestions. A couple I really liked but didn't go with cause they just don't fit me or my blog, but might be of interest to you are;
There's A Madness To My Method
Schemes, Dreams & Screams
Random Acts Of...Blogging
I had a list of about 100 at one time. I threw it away and started over cause I have a tendency to overthink everything. I finally came up with my own "pieces of my heart", and it fits. Good Luck! If you want to hear more, let me know, cause I remember most of them.

Ally said...

I think 'Mad Baggage' is great! But I know what you mean about 'rambling' - my initial tag line was 'a country girl rambling in the city', which eventually made my elblows tingle, it was so cringy. Could you just drop 'rambling', and keep your Mad Baggage identity?

I like Marci's 'Madness To My Method', too ...

Ally said...

Elbows. Sorry.

Cheryl said...

I like the concept of elblows :-)

CafeRg said...

Ally's idea is kinda cool with just going with 'Mad Baggage'

you could personalize it with 'Lady Cheryl's Mad Baggage' it would go with your description..

How about the 'Tingling Rabbit' ..lol.. j/k

i see you have blog rolled Rollin Thunder ..let me know when you decide on a name and i will roll ya back.. also i have another blog Blogosphere Zoo that is a bit more electic with a touch of erotica if that one suites ya too, we can exchange there also.

let me know?


Ally said...

Now you've made the leap and changed it, I have input from B ...

"But I LIKED 'Mad Baggage Rambling'" :).

Elblows sound like a kind of eel.

Doris said...

How about some anagrams....









But methinks I prefer Mad Baggage or Mad Baggage Rambling!

Ermm.... you'd have thought I have nothing better to do!

She Weevil said...

I aprticularly like mad baggage marbling - brings a nice 70s WI kind of feel. When are you going to make some jam?

John said...

I too love the "Mad Baggage" bit ... it implies not only travel, but also psychological "trappings" that tend to drive one a bit nuts until they are worked through.

You may have already thought of this, but what about "Mad Baggage Handling"? That would give you not only the sense that your own personal demons are being worked through, but also would lend itself to the metaphor that we are all travelers, and quite often the most important search is to find your own "stuff" and claim it :)

Cheers, and keep up the wonderful rummaging :)

Badaunt said...

I know I complained about 'rambling' bloggers a while back, but actually yours was almost the ONLY blog where I didn't mind the 'rambling' bit. Somehow it worked with Mad Baggage. It was ...euphonious (Although that's probably the wrong word, because it wasn't exactly a PLEASANT sound, more it rolled off the tongue and was spiky at the same time.)

But Mad Baggage is good, too.

Cheryl said...

Thank you all!

BadAunt - I appreciate that, but 'rambling' has become one of those sticky words; notice it once and it starts to turn up everywhere. Some days it seems like every second blogger refers to rants, rambles, ranting, rambling. I overdosed on ra words. A joke isn't funny when you hear it 40 times a day. Ok so it was intended to be witty, self effacing, a dry chuckle rather than a gag, but its still become slightly nauseating through overuse. (Ooh, Mad Baggage Gagging, is she telling jokes or being sick?)

We are bit grains of sand. Or something. So it's all good.

Cheryl said...

Bugger, that bit was a but. <---(Two fingered typist having tantrums.)