31 May 2005


Kids home on half term hols. Its peaceful (which is really abnormal), I'm making lists of things to do (completely and utterly abnormal) and I'm doing them! Aaaargh! Whats going on? MY KITCHEN FLOOR IS MOPPED for crying out loud, it's the TWILIGHT ZONE!

Kittens and pearls, butterfly cakes, I'm a little teapot, shiny sink... hic durr blurble


anniebee said...

It sounds like you're having fun - lol!!! Never mind - it's only a week, but the Summer holiday is on its way! I'm expecting a visitation from my sons later, during which they will probably eat me out of house and home, and muck up my computer settings with games!

Doris said...

You got that ole listy-poo working did you >big-mega-grin< Brilliant! Watch out, it might become addictive :)

Steve said...

Hmmm, yesterday cleaning the kitchen cupboards and today moping the floor! Either a hunky plumber is coming to fix the boiler again ( the gas one lol ) or you have stopped taking your tablets again ;)
I can always tell when its half term in our house because as I walk through the door my OH has a manic, staring look on her face thats scares me but not the kids seemingly