14 May 2005

Sheriff Arpaio

Found out the power of a title the hard way - edited to avoid misunderstanding

Its hard on the eyes (the typeface is too small), but here is yet another example of how people get into a position of authority in America and get carried away, presumably with the support and praise of their cronies. You thought Judge Greer was a warped crook? Pah! Please, just read the front page, its only one paragraph. The 'About Us' page is good, too.

Nothing surprises me any more - I did once think that evil shites destroying lives were the stuff of movies and books, not really there, not in a supposedly civilised and modern nation.

Still - you can't trust the hospitals, you can't trust the prisons - what next, the schools? Oh gee I forgot, a five year old has already been arrested and handcuffed for throwing a tantrum in playshool. I wish I could find the link.

Only in the good old US of A.

I am beginning to wonder whether the UN should send in an army to overthrow the regime - sounds a bit despotic to me.

Thanks to Shaun for pointing this out.

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