29 May 2005

Power Lesbians?

That's ones with a cable instead of batteries then, yes?

I have been vegging out with the family today. Tonight theres a programme on Sky called Power Lesbians, and I really wanted to watch it to see if it had something to say, or was just a gimmicky piece from the male perspective that only women not thralled by the penis can actually achieve something in life.

I was half right, its presented by Rebecca Loos, which says it all - she is bisexual (it says in the programme blurb here) but has recently been feted for reaching the public eye on the coat tails of somebody else's fame. Somebody male, of course. Her time on Channel 5's The Farm included an infamous event that I am grateful to say I missed.

I still would have watched Power Lesbians, but it was more than Gary could stand to contemplate and he has turned over to Channel 4 Big Brother, which annoys me just as much. I refuse to watch this year. It seems that they were so pleased with the ratings regarding Kitten, who had a somewhat confused and uncomfortable time in last year's house, that they have gone out of their way to pick very very young people (= insecurity and tears) who profess to various fringe lifestyles and beliefs. Half the group is instantly dislikeable or pitiable (at least in the light they have been cast in.) And the rest? I havent spotted any 'rest', so I gave up.

Its one thing to put ordinary people into difficult situations and watch the fun, but this seems really contrived this year, its become about mockery, it seems.

Guess I'm going to stay on the comp and play cards.


bulb said...

I don't own a TV, so I wouldn't know. However:

"Its one thing to put ordinary people into difficult situations and watch the fun,"

Who needs a TV for that??? :-D

Doris said...

Hmmm. Dotty old Doris is a fan of BB! I think it is fascinating from beginning to end but must be kept in perspective and not allowed to dominate any TV viewing for 2 months but it does!

Contrived, maybe, and I certainly don't like set-up for fights or aggression; but there is something to be learned from this goldfish bowl with its performing fish.

I haven't written it off but can understand that others will!