15 May 2005

About Last Night

Or more specifically that last post. Americans are lovely, well no thats a blanket statement and as bad as saying you are all awful. We are all human. I just think that the checks and balances to save you, as individuals, from being misused, mistreated and generally conned or abused are sadly lacking and where loopholes exist they seem to be whacking great huge ones. Arseholes somehow make it into power at State level, with too much autonomy.

I feel sorry for you - the system is terribly lacking; hence the quip about sending in the UN to rescue you.

Are we friends?


Doris said...

It's fascinating reading your blogs and the progression in your writings. I often don't write comments because you've said it brilliantly and I don't have anything worthwhile to add. I enjoy what you have written but then don't have the imagination or wit to write a comment so I don't. That doesn't bother me, that I don't feel worthy or able to write a response, it's just the way it is.

And sometimes you write a post like yesterday's.... it wasn't the post so much as the title. I'm not even American but such sentiments create such a hurdle I can't get over it. I like the way you write with such passion and feel strongly about a whole lot of things and are passionate in an intelligent and considered way. And then something like yesterday's title seems unfortunate and unfair. But don't expunge it... it is all part of the process and brings me back to my original comment. I love the way there is a progression in your blogs with references back and forth. Your human fraility shows forth and is endearing.

Keep it up, and just sometimes you don't need to be quite so contentious :-)


Cheryl said...

All that positioning and preparation just to say "You really overstepped the mark, Dumbo!"
Thank you for your kindnes and your honesty :-))
I am wearing the biggest grin now LOL.

P.S. Real friends are the ones you trust to tell you you have cabbage on your teeth, and if you know they're real friends you take it as a favour, or I do, anyhow.