02 May 2005

Real World

I didnt post yesterday, and the post before that was a no-brainer, ticking boxes. Rather bizarrely, against my best efforts, the real world has interrupted proceedings and distracted me:

  1. My best internet friend is too far away to visit/rescue. Her fella has walked (good thing really) slap bang in the middle of her changing benefits due to an injury. She is absolutely penniless because these things take time and he's left her with a pile of bills and taken the car and the computer, which are hers (she's still paying for the computer!) She's got no family to bail her out with so much as a cup of sugar and its a miracle her broadband is still connected, although she's not online today. Oh I forgot, the nice man intimidated her into signing the car documents over to him. What a shit. We have been having long msn chats every day.
  2. Gary leaves just after lunchtime today for a four day Linux course in glorious Guildford. I always become progressively evil tempered and picky when he's going away, its a repression thing.
Anyhow, please note mildly psychotic results to personality test below - I do joke that I am probably autistic, but maybe my choice of language is too florid. What I mean to say is THANKYOU to those who have urged me to cheer up, but I'm fine! Annoyed, frustrated, slightly off balance (!) and very grumbly, but hey thats what motherhood etc does to a girl anyhow, and this is my release valve. Its all good.

Its a Bank Holiday, and theres a good half of it left. Enjoy!


Edgar said...

I don't understand what repression has to do with your jealousy.

Cheryl said...

I dont express it - I repress it. I am not jealous, more fed up. He rings me so many times he's like a bloody puppy dog. Every time he goes away I go through a transition from partner to boss of the house. I can cope well in either situation, I dont cope with the transition, so I try not to make a song and dance about it. FYI I am just as awkward when he comes back. Jealousy? No, its an issue of power over my life, of being allowed to know whether I am coming or going.

Badaunt said...

I don't like doing those personality tests because I keep getting different results, which makes me feel slightly insane. I think this is partly because of the unanswerable questions - the ones where none of the answers really fit. I choose at random because you're supposed to answer, but I suppose I choose differently at random each time.

And then there are the questions that depend too much on how I'm feeling TODAY...

-E said...

I hope things start looking up for your friend, that dude sounds like he is an ass and she is better off without him.

Hope the real world doesn't get you stressed out or keep you so busy you don't have time for fun.