05 May 2005

R-O-F-L !

Go read THIS

Aww, go on, ya will, ya will, ya will. I'm still laughing!

Even though Fox is only 18, lives in Florida UGH EVIL (poor soul), he still has my thanks for the first real chuckle of the day :-)

Thanks, Fox!


Fox said...

haha, glad I could help!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.... ooohh yeesss..... fantastic :) Doris

anniebee said...

I've seen it before but it's still funny! I've finally got my new blog organised. The comments should be ok now, although I messed them up at first. Have a good weekend! *Hugs*

Cheryl said...

Annie come back!!!
I cant get in! You have set your preferences wonky!

http://www.blogger.com/profile/5767110 <--- dumb effort at linking in the hopes you find this