18 May 2005

For Steve, As He Asked Nicely

Dear Steve
You know me too well. Yes I answered; of course I did! I simply rattled off a little ditty and slammed it onto the site as a poem.

This de-dum-de-dum nursery rhyme meter is one I am trying to escape (and I can hear real poets cringeing in the background, as they'll probably know its proper name, when I don't).

A nothing, a confection, a ten minute prod:

Dear little girl, please hold your tongue,
It's obvious that you are young
So I shall be magnanimous,
Though startled at your silly fuss.

Yes I take umbrage at the way
You sought to mock me yesterday
But comfort find and comfort take
In each and every crass mistake
You made within your sad attack,
You poor and so illiterate hack.

And question marks in rows of six
Are ghastly, tacky, school-time tricks!
Annoying, pitiable child,
You think this harsh? Oh no, its mild.

If vitriol is what you fear
You shall not taste of mine, my dear,
But, indolent, offensive pup,
Return the favour, please grow up.
That do you? :-))


Steve said...

Thanks Cheryl, I knew I could rely on you xx

anniebee said...

Brilliant! My poems always have that dum-de-dum rhythm too, and I don't know what it's called either. I winced at the bit about exclamation marks as I do that all the time!!!!!! LOL! I do love poems with rhythm - I think that's why I like Betjeman's so much. I love Dorothy Parker's stuff too, especially the suicide one. Anyhow I'm rambling!