12 May 2005

A Tax on Horseshit

Yes folks, its happened. The new UK Government is in place and whats the first thing they do? Put a tax man to stand there with his hand out for a cut, directly between your horse's arse and the bucket. Honestly.

The tax on selling horse manure will not, apparently, make the Government any spare cash, but simply pay for new horse poo inspectors to visit farms and make sure its all stored nicely in a purpose built shed like thingy.

You are not even allowed to store horse muck in an al fresco pile anymore - presumably thats in case it gets dirty?

This is job creation gone bonkers and weirder than anything the EEC has tried to force us in to - or maybe thats it - maybe we are being softened up so that the European Union begins to look comparatively fair and reasonable.

A couple of posts back, I asked whether we were being asked to kiss the anus of the EEC or George Bush. I obviously had the wrong rectum in mind. Perhaps I should have gone straight to the horse's mouth?

1 comment:

anniebee said...

So fishing, farming and all the rest are dying out, and now they're hitting people with horses. They're not keen to make friends are they?! When I read your post title I thought it must be a joke!