17 May 2005

Stuck For Words, Now

I am so very pleased and grateful to all the lovely people who commented yesterday, after my last post.
Thanks for your encouragement and feedback, it means a great deal.

Now take a good long look, gasp and remember this moment - this really is me stuck for words, or at least enough words for a post.

Make the most of it! It doesnt happen often. To double pun (or something): Verbal diaorrhea runs in our family. Still, for now, I have banged the old noggin on the wall, fed it way too much caffeine, paced up and down physically and mentally, but no, the battery is well and truly flat. Hey ho.


Badaunt said...

Yesterday? What do you mean, yesterday? It's today, dammit! I just found your post.

(Bloody work. It takes me away from the important stuff.)

If you have let that poisonous bitch stop you from writing I'm going to hunt her down and ... and ... take away all her fucking stars. I'll critique her until she begs for mercy.

Cheryl said...

Nooooooo, I have squelched her, the site's version of blocking. However, knowing that complete rubbish can get you very high status on that site if you have the right friends, THAT could make me question whether its possible for me to learn anything new there.
I did expend all my imagination on her, so have a bad case of can't-be-bothered-to-be-clever-itis, which has put the mockers on posting a blog today.

She Weevil said...

There is some very good poetry on the site but much of it is what my old English teacher used to call doggerel.

There is nothing any of them can teach you about writing, poetry or anything else.

As for the itis thingy which I can't be bothered to type because the second glass of wine has just kicked in - yes I know, it's not even six o'clock, I'm pretending I'm sitting with Mary - I've got it too. It must be catching.

She Weevil said...

Ooh, you are so brave!! I really wantedto squelch that guy who said my poem called sonnet wasn't a sonnet!!!!!!! I, of course wrote back to inform him that it was and even what kind of sonnet - hbfp.