14 May 2005

How To Ensure Zero Comments

Let a couple of comments trigger off a serious bit of introspection, and zoom off on a cathartic voyage of self discovery, all morning, in print. Hit the 'post' button then return in the afternoon and realise that, shit, absolutely no-one on this earth could be expected to read the whole lot, or to fail to fall asleep for trying.

Still, bygones, that was yesterday.

Today Gary is back and so is my 'cold', which means the antibiotics didnt work. No I'm not allergic to Gary, although I considered it and he still suspects it, because, as forecast, I am just as out of sorts due to his return as I was due to his departure. He has claimed control of the TV button, and took up two thirds of the sofa all evening, channel hopping and declaring there was nothing on before settling on an old Star Trek movie and allowing the ten year old to stay up to watch.

I ended up going to bed before my kids, alone and in a huff.

Fed up with being ill. I look like a lopsided muppet this morning, or like I've had fat injections and botox on one side only. My teeth all itch and I stand up, go to the kitchen, and forget why I went. Its been like this on and off since January. First everybody had those colds that seemed to go on and on for five weeks or so and we were all in the same boat, so it was a case of shut up and put up. I had a week or so off, better but still sluggish, and caught another one. At the end of that it went to my chest, like bronchitis, and I spent a week unable to lie down because it triggered the cough. Where are we so far, 5+2+5+1 = 13 weeks, aka three months. A week on antibiotics, half a week feeling almost human for the first time since 2004 and bam, its back with a vengeance.

Sick and tired of feeling like a sodding petrie dish.

Everybody say 'Ahhhh' - but do it from a distance or I'll bite you........ ask Gary, he knows, poor git.


Gary said...

When she bites it bloody well hurts

Ally said...

I read it all! But I'd just come back from the pub and I didn't comment in case I said something I regretted :).

Also, have you tried taking echinaecia for your immune system?

Cheryl said...

Echinacia, vitamin C, multivits - I am on the waiting list for the stop smoking counselling, which will probably help loads and stop the impressions of Alf Garnet.
Honestly, I have been an abused wife when the world thought the sun shone out of my 1st husband, with broken nose etc to show for it, I have a friend with the same spinal fractures as Terri Schiavo. A really funny, generally lovely blogger linked to a thing called 'Terri's Blog' where the entries were all grunts and groans - that is the ONLY instance where my defensive mechanisms made me want to take a blow torch to his eyeballs, but settle on blocking him. Being told I am talking out of my arse is something I can take (and respect) - the only thing that would hurt me is that sort of mindless mockery. Next time you get the urge, fire away - you can regret nothing!
Thanks :-)

Ally said...

No, no, I had nothing flamey to say, or even anything vaguely critical ... I was with you all the way. I've just made a mental note to self not to post when I've had a few, because of my embarrassingly low alchohol-tolerance threshold ... :).

Would you like me to send you some reiki, or is that not your cup of tea?

Badaunt said...

I think viruses are taking over the world this year. Most people I know have had at least one long, horrible flu or cold since the beginning of winter. Except me. It's making me paranoid, because I usually get everything that's going around. What am I dying of that is so bad even the viruses are avoiding me?