21 May 2005

Bangin' In The Bog

Reading other blogs, I followed link that took me to the Sun newspaper's online presence.

Poor Mel B (ex Spice Girl) was caught in a ladies toilet cubicle with a fella, at her own birthday party at a London Nightclub. Well if you can't get it on on your birthday, what hope is there?

It didn't say much else and I draw the line at buying the paper.

Still, the only answer I can come up with is: "And......?"

I am the first to admit I have led a boring, moral and sheltered life. One man at a time, with 'dates', even if you couldn't call it a full blown relationship, but sex in the loo is de rigeur, isn't it? Every big hotel party I have ever been to, the end cubicle has always been occupied by more than one person, it's an unspoken rule that you don't even try the door, isn't it? I've personally even nipped into a posh London pub-restaurant ten minutes before closing for a quickie in the end cubicle, back in the day. That's what the cleaner public toilets are for - for when you can't wait 'til you get home. It beats the hell out of a back alley.

The only thing I can see that should have made Mel's quick fumble (behind a locked door) anywhere near newsworthy would be if she had elected to use the gents. Now THAT would have been downright scuzzy.

By The Way - Gary is a Eurovision addict. I know, sad, isn't it. Still I can't help but hear it all from here, and I have already picked a winner. My vote (and I NEVER vote) goes to Moldova, with Grandmamma beats the drum-a. I am so seriously pleased to see that a fun item got into the final with all the wailing and crooning and jumping about.

Happy Birthay Melanie, and Go Moldova!


Dawn said...

I say good for her...there is nothing wrong with getting your freak on in public....she should not be ashamed.

I am here via Michele

bulb said...

Damn=! Only toilet I ever got lucky in, was the one in my house..... with myself. .....
I guess I'm just getting old.

Kevin said...

When stateside, Avoid public toilets in New Jersey. We had our fun, but an occasional scrubbing would be nice.

Cheryl said...

Cheer up bulb, it involves two factors:

Being in a hotel without a room or on the town a couple of hours from home, minus car, late.

Being really quite drunk

Tell you what - you're single again right? Call it the flush club (like the mile high club) and put it on your list of things to do!

Avoid 'public' facilities - it has to be somewhere posh and smart, a place full of drinkers or partygoers, you'd almost certainly get arrested trying it in Burger King.

Kevin - thanks for the tip but (by ancient memory)its hard enough to find a position when its safe to touch the walls...............

June said...

Very interesting. Banging in the bog and Gary is a Eurovision addict.

Me thinks Gary should turn off the TV and get himself round to the nearest hotel with his missus.

Cheryl said...

Aww June, thanks. I agree! I married an Old Fart.No he's lovely, if quirky, but thats two of us.
We have our moments, barring real life, kids and cash flow - all the usual. Just because I think too much is made of a single woman having some fun doesn't mean I'm superbunny. I'm practical, not rampant, mores the shame.
Still I can voice my opinion, and that's what blogs are for!

Milt Bogs said...

Hell's teeth!