18 May 2005

I Feel Good!

Ner na-ner-na-ner-na-ner
(I knew that I would, Do ba-do ba-do ba-der)
tra la-la la-la la-la and on and on.

Poor Gary. His Head of Department at work has left. This leaves the Head of the rival department filling in, and, as her dept is flagging by comparison, she is taking every chance she can to slag off the opposition, annoy them, delay their paperwork and run them down to anyone who will listen, even in their earshot.
The statistics don't support her innuendo (what innuendo? Out and out bloody accusations more like) but first impressions count. He is fuming.

I had a nothing of a day myself, got home from dropping the kids to school, answered a few emails, couldn't get my head together, played an online game too long, did a tiny bit of housework and then had to go get the kids again, so was feeling really out of sorts and like I let myself down (my 'to do' list still has things on it from last Wednesday that were beyond urgent the day before that. To call it procrastination is good old British understatement.)

Then Gary came home and sat on the sofa in front of the TV and frantically played adrenaline releasing shoot-em-ups on his laptop, poor soul, so I had a nothing of an evening also.

All in all one of those days where it felt like I didn't do my school homework - lazy, slow, nothing to pat myself on the back for, nothing even worth remembering, barring this nagging certainty that sooner or later the kack must hit the fan and it will be all my fault.

So there I was, body of a couch potato and mind of an obsessive worrier, carcass ready to collapse into bed but brain doing the four minute mile round and round in pointless little circles of shoulds and oughts.

And then I got an email.

An email from a lovely girl who had signed into the Homeworking Forum a few weeks back, unsure what to do with her life. Apparently, for questioning her skills and then quoting them back to her, giving them honest titles (facilitating, arranging, consulting, liasing etc) I am to be thanked for helping her into her new job, because she'd not looked at herself in such an approving light, but once she did, she sailed through applying for a Consultant's post with a company doing the sort of thing she loves.

I made someone's day! And then they took the trouble to send me an email and tell me so! And there I was thinking I had achieved a huge amount of sweet bugger all; not true after all.

I feel GOOD!

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