07 May 2005

What The?

Now that oily Mr 'I'm a Christian, Trust Me' has somehow managed to squeeze his lying butt back into Parliament, Sky News is reporting on the appointments to the new Cabinet.

Sky use a terminology I havent seen before, and couldnt find on the BBC site. I quote:
"Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott appears to have lost his departmental responsibilities, being listed as First Secretary of State."
I BEG YOUR PARDON????? When exactly did I have my head in a bucket of sand and miss us becoming a STATE??????????

Its a fucking independent Kingdom and don't you forget it Blairy Boy.

Out of interest, however, which anus are you trying to shove our sovereign head up this time, with a title like that, The bumhole of the EEC, or your boss Bush?

Or is it just a nice way, since he came out of the shenanigans with a better rap than Mr Blair, of telling John Prescott he is Minister of Bugger-All?


Ms Mac said...

Too frickin' right!

I know this is not quite on the same topic but when I hear British sports reporters using the phrase "play offs" instead of quarter or semi finals I want to kill someone.

Axeman said...

Oh I think we're going to be shagged left right and centre, no doubt about it.

I used the voting result map on BBC.

Strange how are the inner citys in the South and Midlands all voted Labour. And all around them voted otherwise.

Who lives in the inner cities nowadays? Who lives all around the outskirts crapping themselves about what the country is turning into?

The far North are still stuck in the OLD Labour mental ways I'm afraid.

Still living with the miner strikes and shipyard shutdowns.