05 May 2005

Oh How Sweet

I find it highly amusing that, just as America was having its elections, the 'internal security threats' seemed to increase miraculously and with perfect timing, just when the undecided voters were pondering whether they really wanted a hard line war monger for President.

This morning, 4 am New York time, a small incendiary went off in a concrete flowerpot outside the British Consulate. No-one hurt, timed to go off when the streets were completely empty, just a few windows out and enough mess to make the news - see BBC report. Surely there is no way this was timed by a serious terrorist.

I have to wonder, then, if some helpful soul inside the US Government was thinking along the lines of whats sauce for the goose is sauce, perhaps, for his lap dog?


Erin said...

Aha! You're the Cheryl that won the Rolling Thunder Photo poetry contest! Good job! Anyway, I'll have to remember this wine trick! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Erin said...

oops, honorable mention. I loved the poem anyway, nice and sarcastic :)