02 February 2005

A quick catch up.

Got lots of lovely work for an equally nice lady. Of course its needed ASAP with no specific time limits set, so naturally school has had a teacher training day, one of my kids has been off sick last week and this and I am full of another streaming cold and am typing this with one eye closed, at arms length - wont say why arms length, use your imagination. Everything that could go wrong has done just that, I feel backlogged with work and guilty as heck and you know what? I still just cant stop smiling.

My Birthday, on Monday, was brilliant - the kids got me cashews and Belgian chocs and were so excited and pleased with themselves that I felt all loved and snuggly. Then The Beloved Other Half BOH took the day off work (therefore so did I, naturally) and we sloped around town, starting at the best coffee house ever and ending up in an out of the way pub for a huge plate of steak and chips before coming home in time to get the kids from school.

I joined Telecom Plus / The Utility Warehouse, not just as a customer (oooh yummy, LOADS less in bills) but as a distributor as well. I mean, why not? I HATE selling stuff to people but everyone has a phone and an electricity supply and most have gas, internet and a mobile as well, so this is like falling off a log, its just getting them what they already shell out for but CHEAP. Established, longstanding, quality, proper and cheap. Not a cowboy in sight and after some hard knocks and silly mistakes, believe me when I say I know how to spot one - these guys however are proper, respectable, on the level and I am happy as a pig in mud.

Happy happy happy happy happy - its like getting a magic wand so I can play fairy Godmother and whiz round making my friends better off without them having to do anything but sign a bit of paper. I am on a good deed buzz.

Just got to give up the caffeine now, or that and all this excitement will have me doing an impression of a road drill...........


Anonymous said...

I don't know if things over there are the same as over here in the states, but those deals always scare me. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Cheryl said...

I 100% agree with you. This isnt too good to be true, its going to take some graft and dedication and owing to the 'hook' being the savings all passed to the customers, its in no way a get rich quick scheme either. But it is fair and straightforward and no con, which is why I LOVE it.
Thanks for the concern :-)), genuinely appreciated.

Cheryl said...

Tuts I answered this yesterday - where did it go?? Durr.

Thanks - yes i agree with you completely. Only difference is, this is a plc - a Public Limited Company, shareholders, published accounts, the works. I honestly think I just happen to have found a company that is quietly steaming up to the front ranks not by shelling out tons for clever advertising, but by playing fair.

Thanks for the concern, though! :-))