23 February 2005

Only in America

My mind is boggled.

Picture this.

You have an apartment and it needs work, so you get builders in. What do builders do? They make noise. They smash things, build things, play the radio loud enough to be heard over the concrete mixer and if they are doing a proper job and shifting a lot of old garden overgrowth and rubbish, they are going to upset a few little garden dwellers. Fine. It has to be done, and its temporary, they're not there forever.

Can you even conceive of being sued by the next door neighbours for getting builders in?

Some guy in America is suing his neighbour for "Often playing loud music and allowing workers to create noise, fumes and dripping water". Oh and for good measure he added that they "allowed an infestation of rats". Keep going, it gets worse.

How much total codswallop is that? The builders would be fixing the drips not making them and if the property had been very run down then if there were rats, the builders' movements would chase them away not beckon them in. They are nocturnal timid creatures that thrive in rubbish and brambles, in old sewers etc. All that building work will do is flush them out.

So now this person is being sued for getting rid of problems. How upside down and ridiculous is that? Here comes the rub....

The guy with the builders in (or possibly his landlord) just happens to be the son of a woman who married a famous man. This of course ups the ball game. Specifically his name is Stephan and he is the stepson of Sean Connery, no less. So now whats this chancer next door saying? Why he is saying, of course, that its all Sean Connery's fault and that therefore the inconvenience of builders and music and (allegedly) a rat preferring his property to the one being renovated is...................wait for it............................THREE MILLION DOLLARS.

In your dreams, mate.

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Andi said...

Only over here! It's crap I tell you!