12 February 2005

Burgers and Global Warming

Husband G to Son L (I take no part in this):

L: When I grow up I want to save the world and stop them chopping down trees

G: Why?

L: Because we need trees to breathe and they keep chopping the rainforests down and global warming and they said so at school

G: Global warming is about greenhouse gases

L: Durr! Yes I know

G: Best thing you can do is attack the American Burger industry then

L: Eh?

G: Well the problem isnt the trees they chop down, its the cows they put in their place

L: What?

G: Chop down trees, make space for cows, eat cows in burgers.

L: I get it - so if we didnt eat so many burgers we wouldnt cut so many trees down?

G: Not just that. If we didnt eat so many burgers there wouldnt be thousands and thousands of extra cows on the planet, all farting methane.....


quaisi said...

I thought it was another tree hugging hippy post but that was funny well done! :)

Ahab said...

Hilarious...you made my day with that one. Has anyone in your family gotten their hands on a copy of “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton?

Bubblehead said...

Only problem is I hear vegatarians get more gas than omnivores, so if we stop eating cows our gas goes up. Sounds like the only solution is to eat monkeys, since they live in the trees and don't require the clearcutting.

Steve said...

What a facinating conversation, sometimes it makes me feel glad to be a bloke only we can have those conversations. Now if we could just find a way to stick a pipe up the cows backsides catch all the gas and use that for fuel....... or if its true about vegetarians.... not gonna go there lol

doris said...

I missed this one when you posted it. Brilliant. To the point and succinct learning in a nutshell. Great lateral thinking about the methane!