11 February 2005

Time to be honest

Please comment!

Blogging for me is often about having too much energy - busting to talk to someone and having to choose between the computer and the fridge, a la Shirley Valentine.

I am a workaholic and rampant socialiser but you cant do that all day everyday. Occasionally you have to do things like remember where you left the vacuum cleaner, or the colour of the corner sofa under the pile of ironing and at times like this when I find myself (regularly) saying "ello walls, hows your day been then?" in an appallingly fake Brummy accent, the computer sings its siren song from the corner until I am mesmerised and have to go check for email or any other unecessary but fun activity that could be called vital brainfood or procrastination, depending on your penchant for a shiny house.

This blog fits the bill - totally unecessary but great fun, for me at least.

The question is this, is it, effectively, me still talking to the kitchen walls / refridgerator? Is there anybody there?

Please please pretty please with nobs on and cherries on and sugar on the top, if you see this post, leave a comment? On this occasion I will accept

bog off frog face

and have even separated it out for easy cut and paste. Go on, give me something else to do, as in follow your name back to your blog, maybe say Hi and at least have a nosey at who else is out there surfing.



JD said...

bog off frog face

J/k...funny blog...I'll keep reading. Right after I find my monitor under all this laundry.

☼ Kim ☼ said...

BLOG off frog face

lol, joking. cool blog, I know exactly what you mean when you talk about having too much energy and when you feel no one is reading your blog. It always surprises me to get comments from people I don't know.

something for you to do, check my blog out :)


Jen(nifer) said...

Now that is a way to ask for comments! I usually try asking a question...about boobs. That helps ring them in : )


Anne Marigold said...

Your blog shows yet again that your way with words is wasted not being used in some official/commercial capacity. Haveyou thought of writing a weekly column for a newspaper or magazine or somesuch? Maybe write a number and tout them around? Perhaps start off with the local freebies who may have space to fill? Maybe a column about raising kids in a humorous way - just like the blog and your postings on homeworking. Perhaps like those nature notes or writings from the country. Know what I mean. I really mean it your talent is wasted and given time and persistence you could go far. ASnne

Axeman said...

Frog off Blog Face

I like this blog stuff might have a go myself.

But then it's like wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Once I've had a few lagers I might regret the stuff, I've let out.

But I agree, you could write a book (or two )

Cheryl said...

LOL Anne & Axe
Thanx tons, but come on over to FanStory - my punctuation sux and my sentences are too longwinded, but I'm learning :-))
Just really happy you stopped by to say Hi.

frankthebunny said...

How could I *not* leave a comment for such a lovely frog face.

I don't check my stats often on my blog, but I know that I enjoy getting comments too.

Love the title of this post too :)

Sapphire's Soul said...

First time I've read your blog - I like it!

I know what you mean about the computer vs domestic duty.....usually the computer wins! lol

Blogmarking you....

Ahab said...

You, my Dear Lady will be my first of - what I hope to be - many interesting blog links.

PlatinumGirl said...

bog off frog face

With such an impassioned plea for responses, how could I resist? I myself am new to the blog and if you make your way back to mine I think it will be painfully obvious. But I'm really writing it as more of a journal than fodder for public consumption. It's mostly just me prattling on about what I'm up to right now, trying to figure some things out. Anyway, now you know your writings are indeed being read. Cheers!

Cheryl said...

You havent allowed public viewing of your profile.
Will check back later and try again to come visit your blog.
Thanks for the kind comment :-)

Howard said...

Hi, Now that my life is burning down, I thank the Lord for all those trials I have endured for the past 76 years..I could never have dreamed that i could write to a total stranger But since I was an amateur radio operator and talked to so many strangers for the last 50 years..It seems easy!! Look at my blog and my adopted son and it is all worth it>>

LJ said...

Hi there. I just surfed in via Blog Explosion and thought I'd tell you that I like your blog! Besides, I can respect a shameless request for comments. :)

Mary in the Midwest said...

Hi! Enjoyed reading your post.

You mean I have a house somewhere under all this clutter? Cool!

Silverbird said...

Hey Cheryl, forget chatting to the fridge. Keep on Bloggin!!!! Please.


kevin said...

Hey! Your blog is great. Neat huh!

Andi said...

Are you joined to more than Blog Explosion? That helps..... I try and leave comments on most blogs (I can't do black backgrounds and a bajillion smilies) and I thought I had left a comment on your blog before, but if not, I'm sorry! My husband has a blog and he is always checking his comments but then gets sad when he sees a 0....... You could check him out as a reciprocal favor? www.youaintseenme.blogspot.com! ?
Anyway, I will blogroll you, so I visit more often and hopefully you may get visitors if they read my blog roll!

Cheryl said...

His site is FUNNY
I just commented and now realise I cant subscribe w bloglines cos he doesnt publish an RSS feed. Shame.

chris said...

hey cooll blog. keep up the good work!

Badaunt said...

Do you have enough comments to make you happy yet? DO YOU?

(I can't resist shameless begging, and in any case, you had 19. "I got 19 comments! I got 19 comments!" just doesn't sound right.)

Cheryl said...

Sadly three of them were mine (four now) so we are at 17. Still I am more than happy! Thanx

Jennifer said...

Enjoyed your blog, and happy to comment to tell you so. And won't even say bog off frog face. But mainly because I've no earthly idea what it means. :-)

Madley said...

Hello there! Don't know how I got here... but wanted to say hello.

And I would never call anyone Frog Face -- it just doesn't seem right! ;)

Madley said...

PS. Now I know how I got here -- from Failed Southern Lady... I was curious who else was "Mad!"

Steve said...

Bog off frog face??? What sort of thing is that to say? The blog is great just keep doing what you are doing. A possible subtitle for the blog? The Mouse that roared lol