28 February 2005

Vicars Egg

I haven't the first clue where that phrase comes from, but I do know the vicar's boiled egg was 'good in parts' and in our odd family at least it has become a synonym for a day of mixed blessings.

Really good news - I joined Fanstory.com before Christmas and entered all the competitions. Not with any hope of winning, but because I am not very creative and prefer to be given a starting point, something to set the squeaky little cogs moving. All the contests are along the lines of 'write a story/poem about this picture/starting with this line' and its like being back at school - there is a goal and no need to stare at an empty sheet of paper. Anyhoo, the nice thing is that my first ever stab at a short story has made it into the list of competition finalists. Its not going to win, but thats not the point, it got picked. I am (to coin another English phrase) well chuffed.

Really bad news - It snowed last night (so what else is new?) and the boiler upped and died, so no hot water, no heating and a family like warring ice-lollies first thing this morning - particularly my husband who has to get up first and took the opportunity to eff, blind and thoroughly enjoy being the poor, hard-done-by martyr. Not quite a burning martyr, mind, it was too cold, but unless he has cheered up by tonight I may well start collecting dry straw.

Quite good news - I finally got through to the boiler repair people, they are already booked to the hilt but will squeeze in a visit probably near the end of the day. No guarantee of a repair mind, but a visit, and it gives me all day to play hunt the carpet.

Rather revolting news - I am going to have to cut myself free from the addiction that is the net and go play housewife. More than that, I've had a rotten cold, straight after nursing the rest of the family through colds and things have piled up. There doesnt seem to be a single surface (floor included) that doesnt have a mish mash of essential and unneeded paperwork, combs, kids toys and general odds and sods that would take an hour per pile to properly sort, so I am going to have to spend this morning separating things into vague sorts, tying them up in carrier bags and throwing them towards their respective owners' wardrobes. This is not a good idea, in this house.

See-saws - She Weevil gave me some really decent questions to answer for a site that I don't know my own way round yet, and I am very grateful, but will have to tear myself away from the fun of setting about answering them. Ditto the promised critique to a friend on fan story (even though she's waiting for it, and that makes me feel mean). I also kept an appointment this morning to run off 500 flyers for local letterboxes and they too will have to remain in a pile until I can fold them and get out to post them, which rather puts my own income on the back burner.

And thats it. I have rambled about the paltry, small stuff that is my life today and I still can't work out whether to be totally peed off, or nauseatingly Pollyanna about it all. Thats even taking into account that this whole post has done no-one any good but me.

Sorry about that, particularly to you BadAunt, I know you can't stand 'boring day' blogs. But hey, thanks guys, its been cathartic.


Badaunt said...

You were supposed to LABEL it, at the beginning. "I had a boring day," or something like that. As it was I got to the end and didn't even notice.

You cheated me!

BTW, I wish you hadn't mentioned the housework. I didn't need reminding of my own looming ordeal.

Anonymous said...

You were shortlisted! YOU were shortlisted! YOU WERE SHORTLISTED! Fantastic. Brilliant. Even if you don't win you still achieved. Congratulations, you deserve it. Hugs. - HW